Doctorate in Business Information Systems Programs & Degrees in St Louis

The doctorate in business information systems program is designed for students who are interested in pursuing their doctorate’s degree with a concentration in management information systems. Information is extremely important to the business world. The information systems field is one that merges the business and technology worlds together. Information is transmitted, processed, and received through various systems within and between various organizations.

Phd In Business Information Systems

Earning a doctorate in business information systems may help to prepare individuals to develop new products and services to enhance the distribution and exchange of information within management, enterprise, and market environments. Students who earn a MIS PhD might choose to pursue careers in the education, research, marketing, economics, and IT fields.

Doctorate in Business Information Systems Student Skills and Qualities

The doctorate in business information systems degree program is ideal for students who are able to analyze and problem solve critical information in fast-paced environments. Students should be able to multitask and communicate effectively with their peers, and be highly knowledgeable and skilled at developing and implementing computer and information systems within critical environments. Expertise and knowledge of Java, .NET, and visual basic programming are needed. Individuals should also be highly efficient at performing as a liaison between the information systems department and management within the organization they work for.

Common Coursework in Doctorate in Business Information Systems Programs

In addition to several statistic classes, individuals may also take structural equation modeling, multivariate analysis, econometrics, database design, and advanced regression courses. Additional research courses are also needed before individuals may earn their doctorate’s degree in business information systems. Courses may also include:
  • Information Decision Sciences provides students with core concepts that are required to successfully analyze, develop, and process information to enhance decision making and management of information and technology within organizations. Core concepts may include organizational theory and systems development theory.
  • Information Marketing provides students with an in-depth understanding of economic and social methodologies that are needed to facilitate exchanges of information between buyers and sellers and within complex systems, organizations, and channels. Students may gain valuable skills in consumer information management to aid them in a variety of marketing, ecommerce, and logistics settings.
  • Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship instructs students on how to identify and resolve external and internal issues between technology departments and other areas within an organization. Students may learn how to conduct high-level research in many areas of management. This course provides students with a deeper understanding of economics, social psychology, and other related areas.
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PhD in Business Information Systems Independent Studies

Students are encouraged to seek out an independent study program to further hone their research and teaching skills. Once students select an area of specification, they may be required to complete nine additional hours of Information Systems, Supply Chain Management, or Business Analytics courses upon receiving approval from their advisor. Students may also be required to successfully defend a dissertation before being awarded their management information systems PhD in the field. Students may choose to concentrate their studies in certain areas of the information technology and business fields. Each specification enables students to develop a high-level of academic discipline and skills in theory development and empirical research. Student may also design their program so that it includes a combination of research, teaching, and research experience.

MIS PhD Degree Potential Career Paths

Upon successful completion of the degree program, students are able to seek out potential career opportunities in a variety of fields including teaching, private, and research sectors. They may also identify potential career opportunities working remotely or onsite. Since the ebb and flow of information is constant, some professionals in the field might find themselves working long hours and may be expected to work overtime as needed, depending on the needs and demands of the organization they work for. Individuals who decide to pursue potential career opportunities in the research and education fields might find themselves developing and testing new information systems technology. They might also use their skills to critically analyze the relationships between technology, businesses, organizations, and the global environment. Professionals who decide to pursue potential career opportunities in the private sector might find employment options in a variety of positions at many different companies and organizations, such as chief information officers, directors of system development, and information technology operators. Some individuals may decide to pursue their own businesses and work as consultants, owners of technology companies, and leaders of financial organizations.

Is Earning a PhD in MIS Right For You?

As you learn more about earning your doctorate in business information systems degree, don’t forget to consider the cost that are associated with going back to school and your lifestyle. Many students work or have family and other obligations that may going to school online more convenient. Online Information Systems PhD programs might help students balance out their personal and professional obligations by offering flexible scheduling options. Others may find it more beneficial for them to attend classes in a full time campus based MIS PhD program. Business information systems are a vital component of any organization. Earning your doctorate in business information systems may help you to understand how to design, implement, and evaluate how information is managed and may unlock doors to many intriguing and rewarding professional and personal career paths.

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Now you’re equipped with the information you need to start your search for a PhD in Business Information Systems. The academic path you choose may depend largely on what you plan to do after you complete your degree. To a certain extent, you want to not only prepare yourself with an education but also the ‘right’ education for the type of career you want to lead.

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