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A variety of accredited colleges and universities offer on campus DBA programs. A professional doctoral degree is the highest academic degree awarded that individuals might earn to establish expertise in their field. Graduates of PhD in business administration and Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) might be prepared to pursue a variety of potential opportunities, whether within their organization, another firm, in consulting, and/or in faculty positions within universities. 

Campus Based Doctorate in Business Administration Degrees & Programs

Why Consider a Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA)?

Campus DBA programs might appeal to students seeking a higher skill development than provided in Masters or MBA programs. Today’s global marketplace is both challenging and competitive. Leaders in top administration need to have a solid comprehension of traditional and contemporary business theories, an excellent strategic mind set and decision making skills to identify and implement effective policy to keep an organization profitable, efficient and productive. If you enjoy interaction, brainstorming and in-person learning, working towards a Doctor of Business Administration degree on campus might warrant consideration. Potential benefits might include;

  • Participate in discussions with other adult professionals and executives;
  • Enhance team-building skills through group projects
  • Networking
  • In-person meetings with your research mentor

DID YOU KNOW? College presidents and school superintendents are typically required to have a master’s degree, although a doctorate is often preferred[i].

About Campus DBA Programs

The Doctor of Business Administration, DBA degree is often a 60-credit program that may take three or more years to complete, depending on the person, the structure of the program, and university-specific requirements. In some business schools that offer campus-based DBA degree programs, classes may be

scheduled to accommodate the needs of working executives. This might mean that students attend campus one weekend per month, so while it may be intense, enrolling in a doctorate in business administration degree program does not necessarily mean you are at school every day.

Structure of a DBA Program

Usually, the first two years of a DBA degree are devoted to coursework. On campus DBA programs sometimes use the cohort model, so you may take your classes with the same students for the duration of your degree. Dissertation work follows these initial years of coursework. Usually the orientation for DBA research is to apply management and business administration research findings to advance business practices in the real-world.

Applying to DBA Schools  

Not all Doctor of Business Administration graduate schools have the same entrance requirements. Some DBA schools might require students to have earned a Masters degree in a business discipline. So, for some MBA graduates, earning a DBA degree may be the next academic step; one taken perhaps to attempt to ‘gain an edge’ over their peers. Consider these variables and make sure to verify these details with the universities on your list;

  • Executive Doctor of Business Administration programs may require students to have a significant amount of business-related experience. These programs might address senior leadership and management issues;
  • Other business graduate schools might accept students with a Bachelors in Business or related field, although these students may have to make up some graduate-level courses. Make sure to verify these details with the universities on your list.

How Do I Choose an On-Campus DBA Program?

Students considering campus DBA Programs should take a few factors into consideration;

  • Find accredited campus DBA programs
  • DBA vs. PhD in Business Administration
  • Curriculum needs: DBA or PhD specializations
  • Location needs

Find DBA Degree Accredited Programs

Accreditation is a quality verification for universities, business schools, and programs that may be granted by independent agencies after an in-depth assessment process. Although accreditation does not guarantee that a university or a doctorate business administration program is the ‘right’ fit for you, accredited programs have been vetted to ensure that industry standards are being met.

Accredited DBA schools & DBA programs: One way to select a professional doctorate in business administration is to choose a graduate school that is accredited nationally or regionally. Since accreditation standing is something a university must maintain, this type of information might be obtained from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) website or alternatively, the U.S. Department of Education website. In terms of specific campus DBA programs, there are several internationally recognized accreditation agencies such as;

  • The Association of MBA’s (AMBA) – accredits individual DBA programs[ii]
  • The Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP)[iii]
  • The European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS) – accredits whole institutions[iv]
  • The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) – accredits whole institutions[v]

Is There a Difference Between a DBA and a PhD in Business Administration?

While academically equivalent degrees, there are some similarities as well as vital differences between the DBA degree and the PhD in Business Administration. It is advisable to verify with each graduate school to have them specify the requirements. Some of the similarities might include;

  • Both DBA and PhD in Business entail comprehensive courses of study with a heavy emphasis on research;
  • Students must write and defend a doctoral dissertation, in addition to taking a comprehensive exam;

The main difference between these degrees is found in a program's orientation and intended outcome. In general, the focus of a PhD program is to develop new theory, whereas the focus of a DBA program is to apply theoretical knowledge to the advancement of business practice. Among DBA programs, there is a range of emphases with some more oriented toward the application of knowledge and some more oriented toward the creation of knowledge. The same applies for other doctoral programs in business, such as the Doctor of Management or the Executive Doctor of Management.

Choose a DBA or PhD Business Administration Specialization

Since there are a variety of campus DBA programs to choose from, prospective students to give some thought to their career or research goals and look for a Doctorate in Business Administration program that aligns with them. If you have specific research topics in mind for your doctoral study, look for a curriculum that might be leveraged. Alternatively, check into self-designed DBA degree programs that might offer you the flexibility to combine different courses from various concentration areas, for instance;

  • Managerial accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Healthcare Administration

Find DBA Schools by City, State or Country

Are you looking for a local university with a DBA program? Are you interested in an out of state graduate school? Does the idea of a full doctorate degree abroad stimulate you? Search for campus DBA programs by location using our on-page navigation. Choose a city, state or country and filter your results. 

Take the Next Step

Whether you are interested in advanced research and academia or finance and management, a Doctor of Business Administration is a high level of achievement. Why not review accredited graduate schools offering PhD Business Administration programs today!

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