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Online Doctorate in Cultural Studies​ PhD Programs | PhD in Cultural Studies Degrees Program Info

Earning an Online Doctorate in Cultural Studies may be a viable way to gain an advanced education while balancing work and family life. Educational technology has evolved to bring the college campus experience to those who life too far from a campus Cultural Studies PhD program, or just do not have the time to commute. As research, writing and analysis are big components to doctorate-level education, the online learning format may lend itself well to area, ethnic and cultural studies. Studying online is convenient because you are able to study from wherever you are with Internet access and the self-motivation to learn at your own pace.

Cultural Studies Doctorate degree programsCheck the easy to use search directory for online Cultural Studies PhD programs such as PhD Jewish Studies, or PhD in Peace, Diplomacy and International Studies Online.

What is Cultural Studies?

Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary academic program.  It draws from subjects such as film, gender studies, politics, sexuality and other areas including anthropology, history, sociology, philosophy and the arts to provide a perspective on a particular ethnic group or culture, both in terms of the issues they have faced and continue to face as real-world problems in domains such as discrimination, poverty, or wage inequality.  

Online Doctorate in Cultural Studies​ PhD Program Requirements

Some programs allow students to focus on more than one area of interest for electives. In terms of core courses, these establish a critical approach to a topic and introduce students to the theories and applications of cultural studies to different disciplines.

Some of these subjects may include:

  • Political economy and culture
  • Sexuality and gender
  • Post-colonialism
  • Post-structuralism
  • Introduction to
  • cultural studies
  • Social institutions
  • Nation, race and ethnicity

After this, students can begin research on their concentration area for the dissertation that is required to complete the degree.

Explore a Potential Career in Cultural Studies

Earning a PhD in Cultural Studies qualifies students to move onto research and teaching roles, which require critical thinking and excellent writing skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a continued demand for Area, Ethnic and Cultural Studies Teachers at the post-secondary level.[i]

These same skills may also be transferred to the workforce in other potential careers depending on the individual and their course of study. For instance, a fast growing field is that of Social and Community Managers, who may work with veterans, the homeless or in fund-raising.  According to BLS data, there is a projected 10% growth in employment projected for the period of 2014 to 2024[ii].

Ready to Pursue an Online Doctorate in Cultural Studies?

If you have a passion for writing and research, are open to learning a foreign language, and are fascinated by a particular nation, race, or culture, earning an Online Doctor of Philosophy in Cultural Studies may be a rewarding choice. Start your search for the right program on today!  

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