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Doctorate in Cultural Studies on Campus​ PhD Programs

Doctorate in Cultural Studies on Campus programs are interdisciplinary and may appeal to students who want to research and study a particular nation, ethnic group or culture. Students working towards their doctorate will often explore the study of culture and society by examining how sexuality, race, ability, citizenship, gender, nationality, class and language organize communities, social relations and cultural objects. Trans-nationalism, Post and Neo Colonialism and Globalization may be examined in order to understand societal formations.

Cultural Studies Doctorate Degree ProgramsPotential Advantages to Doctorate in Cultural Studies on Campus Programs

If your preference is for hands-on learning, face-to-face interactions, or your goal is a career in academia, an on-campus Cultural Studies PhD program is likely a great fit. One of the potential benefits to being on campus is that you gain access to facilities such as libraries, language laboratories, gymnasiums and social services of the University you are attending.

If this sounds right for you, and you have a specific city, state or country in mind, use the location settings on GradSchools.com to pull up listings.

Some of these might include: PhD in American Studies or PhD African American Studies

Cultural Studies Doctorate Programs Potential Coursework

As a Liberal Arts program, students can expect take courses in different areas including Anthropology, English, Comparative Literature, History, and Sociology among others.

Some programs allow students to focus on more than one topic of inquiry, while others are more focused, though electives are chosen based on students’ interests. Thy typical format in a PhD Cultural Studies is to first take core courses that introduce students to the applications of cultural studies to different disciplines. Some of these subjects may


  • Political economy and culture
  • Sexuality and gender
  • Post-colonialism
  • Post-structuralism
  • Introduction to cultural studies
  • Social institutions
  • Nation, race and ethnicity
  • Fashion, travel, tourism
  • Religion
  • Cultural Geography

After this, students can begin research on their concentration area for the dissertation that is required to complete the degree.

Job Outlook for Cultural Studies PhD Graduates

Unlike a career-specific program such as Accounting, a PhD in Cultural Studies may help students cultivate a variety of skills that are transferable to different potential careers when they are ready to enter the workforce. Writing papers, collecting and analyzing data from a variety of media platforms and conveying your findings using critical thinking and observation cultivates a person who may be prepared for any number of careers that have a cultural focus. Some of these professional decisions depend on the person. Certainly finding a PhD program that aligns with your interests is key. Are you interested in documentary filmmaking, teaching in university, advocating for the rights of homeless people, writing for a Feminist publication, or curating ancient artifacts in a museum?

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Whether you are studying at home or abroad, learning a foreign language or analyzing films, cultural studies may involve some interesting research methods and fascinating subjects. Start looking into campus programs on GradSchools.com today!

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