Asian Studies Doctorates & PhDs

With a doctorate in Asian studies, you could potentially pursue a career as a researcher or instructor. If learning about the languages, culture and history of Asia sounds interesting, then this might be the degree for you!

If you are seeking a career in academia as a teacher and researcher, a doctorate in Asian studies could help you specialize in this area. Ph.D. programs often allow students to focus your studies on a particular country or region such as East Asian Studies or Korean Studies. Asian studies Ph.D. programs may be focused on the language, literature and culture of a country, or on the modern political structure, or regional media practices. When selecting an Asian studies degree you will want to consider the research interests and the background of the faculty to determine which school with an Asian studies Ph.D program is the best fit.

Location may also be an important factor in your search. If you are earning your Asian studies Ph.D. in Japanese Language and Culture, why not do so from Tokyo? The face-to-face interaction and language immersion can enhance your academic experience. Search our directory to find a program in a location that works best for you and your studies.

When searching for Asian studies doctorate programs, it is also important to consider whether you may be able to teach or participate in research projects or publishing as part of the degree. Explore your options to find the best match for your goals.

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