Chicago Ph.D. in American Studies Campus Doctorate Programs

Ph.D. American Studies doctorate campus programs can be a great fit for students who are interested in finding out more about the diverse cultures of the United States and how they shape American life. African American studies doctorate programs make up a good percentage of this niche in higher education, although other cultures significant to American life are also studied in detail.

Graduates of Ph.D. American studies programs can pursue teaching careers at college and universities, including in the history, English, women’s studies, communications and American Studies departments.

Attending a doctorate campus program will give you the opportunity to network with other students who are pursuing an American studies Ph.D. degree. It will also offer you the benefits of the college experience, extracurricular activities and face-to-face interaction with instructors and students. 

Choose from several American studies doctorate programs, including a Ph.D. Latin American and Caribbean Studies CLACS, a Ph.D. in African American Studies, or a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary American Studies.

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