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Doctorate in Archaeology on campus programs are designed to train students in archaeological method and theory, in critical thinking, and in the scientific analysis of the materials uncovered on archaeological sites. The appeal of earning your PhD in Archaeology is that a doctorate degree might open up your professional avenues. The field of archaeology is competitive, however, a PhD may not only qualify you for leadership roles, but also be a desirable differentiator as you pursue your career. Furthermore, travel is often a component of an Archaeologists work, and foreign governments require a doctorate in archaeology.

PhD in Archaeology Student Skill SetDoctorate in Archaeology On Campus Program Overview

Earning a doctorate in archaeology on campus might take several years of study beyond a master’s degree. Admission to a PhD Program in Archaeology very often requires students to have a related Masters degree, professional or research experience and good writing skills. PhD Archaeology students must also complete a dissertation, which typically includes between 18 and 30 months of field research.

As an interdisciplinary field, Archaeology incorporates the study of cultures, civilizations, history, sociology, anthropology and geography. Plus, students often have to learn a foreign language.

Why Earn a Doctorate in Archaeology On Campus?

If you learn well in a group environment with face-to-face interaction, a campus-based Archaeology PhD program may be a great fit for you. Many universities have great on site laboratory and library facilities that support research projects. In fact, sometimes the library is inside the Archaeology department building, so you can go right from class.

Additionally, if you are working towards a doctorate in archaeology on campus in order to teach at the collegiate level, studying on campus may offer you some hands-on experience. It is common that

postsecondary educators gain teaching experience by working as graduate teaching assistants. You might be one of those students who is enrolled in a graduate Archaeology program and teaches classes in the institution in which you are enrolled.

If this sounds appealing, use the location search on to find Archaeology PhD programs by location; use the city, state and country tabs according to your preference. Some of the results might include PhD in Prehistory and Archaeology, PhD in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, or PhD in Archaeology and the Ancient World.

Potential PhD in Archaeology Curriculum

Research plays a major role in Archaeology doctorate degree programs. Beyond this, students may have to attend archaeological guest lectures, seminars, and student forums. Some of the courses students might expect to take may include topics such as:

  • Anthropology
  • Digital Archaeology
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • History and theory of Archaeology
  • Archaeological research methods
  • Writing skills
  • Analysis and Material Culture

Your Doctorate in Archaeology On Campus: Time to Focus on Research

Some of the possible areas of Doctorate level archaeological research might include:

  • Prehistoric Archaeology
  • Classical Archaeology
  • Historical Archaeology
  • Landscape Archaeology
  • Funerary Archaeology
  • Geo Archaeology
  • Environmental Archaeology
  • Byzantine Archaeology

Potential Careers For Graduates of a Doctorate in Archaeology On Campus Program

Some of the potential career paths for graduates with a PhD in Archaeology might include:

  • Archaeology and Anthropology Teacher
  • Curator
  • Principal Archaeologist
  • Archaeology Project Director
  • Research Archaeologist
  • Anthropologist

Ready to Pursue a Doctorate in Archaeology on Campus?

Archaeologists enjoy analyzing data, gleaning and recording information from historical objects and compiling their findings. If you aspire to a career in an Archaeological-related field, the BLS reports that the higher -level jobs often require a PhD. Other statistics show that the majority of Archaeologists have a PhD[i]. Why not locate a program on that aligns with your goals.

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