Hybrid Ph.D. in Archeology Doctorate Programs

Hybrid Ph.D. archeology doctorate programs train students for careers in archeology-related fields, by preparing students to work in government, construction and transportation, and cultural resource management. With hybrid classes, students blend their classroom experiences: they build their online work around their schedules while still getting the networking and social experience of attending on-campus classes. Hybrid classes also have opportunities to do field experiences. With field experience, an archeology grad school degree may lead to an academic path of teaching or any of the other great careers in this field.

Some archaeology graduate programs offer both hybrid classes and part-time and full-time course loads. In archeology doctorate programs, many students study physical anthropology and specialize in areas such as forensic and medical archeology, maritime archeology, and Mediterranean archeology. A hybrid degree from an archeology doctoral school can also lead to teaching in universities and working in national parks. Pick your archeology graduate program that best matches your career goals.

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