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An advanced accounting degree, the Doctorate in accounting degree provides students with the opportunity to apply a broad accounting perspective and research-based accounting knowledge to explore relationships among business activities, economic outcomes, business performance and forensic analysis. PhD in accounting programs help refine skills and to develop a deeper understanding of how to scrutinize accounting data, including business transactions and statements related to the assets, liabilities, and operating results of business enterprises and nonprofit organizations. Earning a doctorate in accounting, graduates may potentially pursue senior leadership positions in accounting, auditing, or in academia.

Many of the online doctorate in accounting programs are comprised of two to three years of coursework, and require students to complete written and oral exams followed by a dissertation. Gaining in popularity, online study is a great way for currently employed students to maintain their jobs while pursuing advanced degrees.

Potential Benefits to Online PhD Accounting Programs

If you are a busy working professional, live far from an accredited School, or have family commitments that make attending classes unfeasible, an online doctorate in accounting may be a great way to advance your knowledge while balancing and maintaining other responsibilities. Web-based learning is also referred to as distance learning; you can theoretically be anywhere with a computer and Internet connection to be able to log into your courses. Online group chats, webinars, libraries and other digital tools maintain a semblance of a virtual classroom, and help you stay connected to your professors. In fact, students are often required to maintain scholarly contact with faculty through out the program, and this may be done through email, web chat or messaging applications.


school may have a different program structure, so make sure you use the search tools on GradSchools.com to help you compare listings – for tuition, faculty, admissions, dissertation information, curriculum and other important considerations. Some of these listings might include Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) in Accounting, and PhD in Management – Accounting programs.

Online Doctorate in Accounting

Potential PhD Accounting Online Curriculum

Typically, the primary goal of a PhD in Accounting programs is to ensure that students have a strong foundation in finance, economics, statistical inference and decision theory as well as are educated to perform advanced research on managerial accounting, taxation, and financial reporting. Rather than teaching you fundamentals of accounting, doctorate degrees in accounting emphasize research skills, and may also involve higher-level administration skills such as leadership, human resources and global business. The type of accounting research you are aspiring to do may also play a factor in determining the coursework you will be assigned.

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The Doctor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Advanced Accounting is designed to help students acquire a

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Potential Career Advancement in Accounting For PhD Graduates

Graduates who have online doctorate degrees in accounting may position themselves with a strong potential to acquire a job with a higher salary than their previous employment. In academia, as in finance, accreditation, experience and education may play a role in moving up the corporate ladder. For instance:

Chief financial officers (CFOs) are not considered an entry-level role. A top executive in this profession is responsible for the accuracy of a company’s or organization’s financial reporting, especially among publicly traded companies. They also direct the corporation or organization’s financial goals, objectives, and budgets. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those with an advanced degree and extensive managerial experience will have the best job prospects, and as a whole, employment of top executives is predicted to grow 11 % until 2022.

Teaching: Graduates who are interested in teaching accounting at the postsecondary level generally must have a Ph.D., and employers are becoming more selective as competition for jobs increase, they frequently choose applicants who have a Ph.D. over those with only a master’s degree. This is a field that has a faster than average growth rate, with a projection of 19% more employment until 2022, according to BLS data.

Accountants: Still considered a fast growing field, with projected employment growth at 13 % until 2022, accountants have a high level of upward job mobility. For instance, public accountants who are just starting out often advance to positions with more responsibility in 1 or 2 years and to senior positions within another few years. Those who excel may become supervisors, managers, or partners; open their own public accounting firm; or transfer to executive positions in management accounting or internal auditing in private firms.

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Online PhD Accounting programs are designed for students who wish to gain the competencies and knowledge to teach, consult, or lead. Graduates ideally sharpen their analytical and research skills, and by choosing from specializations such as accounting, information systems, international business, management, or marketing, are prepared to meet the continuing challenges and opportunities that exist within their profession. Start reviewing available doctorate degrees in accounting on GradSchools.com today!

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