What Masters Degree Should I Get? 14 Master’s Programs to Help You Decide

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What masters degree should I get?

What Master’s degree should I get?

What master’s degree should I get is a question that often strikes undecided professionals. You may know you’re ready to pursue a graduate program, but you’re just not sure what you’re most interested in studying. And that’s okay; some master’s programs may be more flexible than others, meaning you could potentially pursue multiple interests in the same program or prepare for a wide range of possible career paths. Some examples of master’s programs include Master’s in Communication, Master of Business Administration, Master of Public Administration or Master of Human Services.

We’ve identified several types of master’s degrees that may be perfect if you’re not yet sure what to study, along with grad schools that offer programs in these areas. Alternatively, skip to the bottom of this article for advice on how to choose a master’s degree program.

Masters in Communications Programs

Potentially perfect if you’re…

  • Someone who enjoys reading
  • A critical thinker
  • Socially perceptive
  • Interested in public speaking, writing, instructing, and more

Communications master’s programs are designed to help students pursue goals in media, business communications, and more. You may learn how to leverage technology tools to get a message across, and how to reach audiences with diverse interests and desires. Looking to branch out? You may find graduate-level communications programs with concentrations in all sorts of exciting areas – from marketing to broadcast journalism.

written by Shannon Fandler

Sponsored Graduate Schools Offering a Master’s in Communications Programs:

1. Sacred Heart University

Sacred Heart University is a private Catholic institution based in Fairfield, Connecticut. They offer undergraduate and graduate programs, including master’s programs both online and on campus.

Program Offered:

2. Lasell College

Lasell College is a private institution of higher education located in Newton, Massachusetts. They are home to a variety of master’s programs that feature rolling admissions, six start terms per year, and no GRE/GMAT requirement.

Program(s) Offered:

3. Lynn University

Lynn University is a private college in Boca Raton, Florida. They are home to a number of master’s programs in areas ranging from business to the arts.

Program(s) Offered:

  • Master of Science in Media Studies & Practice

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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Programs

Potentially perfect if you’re…

  • Someone who enjoys problem-solving
  • A good decision-maker
  • Persuasive
  • Interested in math, finance, management, and more

MBA programs are generally designed to help students prepare for management and leadership challenges across diverse industries. Plus, there are many types of MBA specializations that you can choose from so that you can tailor your curriculum to meet your goals and expectations. That means you may be able to follow one or more interests, in areas like finance, marketing, or even social responsibility.

Sponsored Graduate Schools Offering MBA Programs

4. Canisius College

Canisius College is a private Jesuit institution located in Buffalo, New York. As a masters-level university, they offer multiple graduate learning paths in areas like business, education, and healthcare.

Program(s) Offered:

5. St. John’s University

St. John’s University is a Catholic, Vincentian institution located in New York City. They offer a variety of master’s programs both online and on multiple campuses throughout NYC.

Program(s) Offered:

  • Master of Business Administration: Risk Management & Insurance
  • Master of Business Administration: Interdisciplinary Business

6. Benedictine University

Benedictine University is a private Catholic institution with a campus near Chicago, among other locations in Illinois, Arizona, and beyond. They also offer online learning.

Program(s) Offered:

  • MBA – Marketing Management
  • MBA – Entrepreneurship & Managing Innovation

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Master’s Programs in Interdisciplinary Studies

Potentially perfect if you’re…

  • Someone who enjoys active learning
  • A good time manager
  • A critical thinker
  • Interested in reading, writing, science, and more

Master’s programs in liberal studies or interdisciplinary studies may offer students the chance to explore multiple interests that span diverse areas of study. In some cases, students may even be able to design their own course of study, in cooperation with faculty. In a liberal studies path, you could potentially pursue research, independent study, and electives in areas of personal and professional interest to you.

Sponsored Graduate Schools Offering Interdisciplinary Master’s Programs

7. California State University, East Bay

California State University, East Bay is part of the California State University System. Cal State East Bay has the distinction of being home to the most diverse student population in the continental U.S.! The campus is located in Hayward, California.

Program(s) Offered:

8. Lesley University

Lesley University is a private institution of higher education located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The university is known for programs in art & design, humanities, social sciences, and more.

Program(s) Offered:

  • MA in Interdisciplinary Studies

9. Johns Hopkins University

Founded in 1876, Johns Hopkins is a private research university based in Baltimore, Maryland. They are home to nine academic divisions, as well as locations throughout the Baltimore-Washington region.

Program(s) Offered:

  • Master of Liberal Arts

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Master of Public Administration Programs

Potentially perfect if you’re…

  • Someone who enjoys problem-solving
  • A good listener
  • Socially perceptive
  • Interested in public speaking, systems analysis, management, and more

Public administration master’s programs may be designed to help students prepare for leadership in a variety of areas, from government agencies to nonprofit organizations. You could potentially study policy analysis, budgeting and financial management, human resources, and more, with the goal of making a positive difference in the public sphere.

Sponsored Graduate Schools Offering Public Administration Master’s Programs

10. Notre Dame de Namur University

Notre Dame de Namur is a private Catholic university based in Belmont, California. A master’s-level institution, they offer graduate programs both online and on campus.

Program(s) Offered:

11. American University

The American University is a United Methodist-affiliated research university located in Washington, D.C. They are home to a variety of graduate degree programs, including online programs. And, did you know AU is the first carbon-neutral university in the country?

Program(s) Offered:

  • Master of Public Administration and Policy

12. California State University, Northridge

California State University, Northridge is a public university in Los Angeles. Part of the California State University System, they offer 58 master’s degree programs across nine colleges.

Program(s) Offered:

  • Master of Public Administration: Nonprofit Sector Management
  • Master of Public Administration: Online

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Master of Human Services Programs

Potentially perfect if you’re…

  • Someone who enjoys being social
  • A good time manager
  • Service-oriented
  • Interested in public speaking, writing, reading, and more

Human services master’s programs often focus on making a positive impact in communities, families, and individuals. Whether you’re pursuing goals in a nonprofit organization, a public agency, or in the private sector, you could potentially explore leadership principles, advocacy skills, at-risk populations, and more. And, many master of human services programs may offer concentrations in areas like organizational and social services, counseling, or even life coaching.

13. Capella University

Capella is an online university headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They offer master’s programs in several career-focused areas, including social work & human services.

Program(s) Offered:

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14. Liberty University Online

Liberty University Online is the online division of Liberty University, a private, Christian research institution based in Lynchburg, Virginia. They offer a variety of online master’s degree programs that may be perfect for working adults.

Program(s) Offered:

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How to Choose a Master’s Degree Program

When it comes to the question, “What should I get my master’s in?” the answer is very personal. After all, only you can decide what you’re passionate about learning. Here are some tips for figuring it out:

1. Determine Your Goals

Are you hoping to prepare for new challenges in your current career path? Potentially boost your earnings? Change careers altogether? It’s important to figure out what you’re hoping to achieve from earning your master’s, to make sure your goals align with what’s realistic. For instance, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that earning a master’s degree may be a good way to drive higher earnings in certain career paths. However, there were some fields in which master’s degree holders didn’t earn more than bachelor’s degree holders.

2. Figure Out How Your Past Connects to Your Future

Just because you studied English as an undergraduate doesn’t mean you can’t potentially pursue an MBA down the road. However, in some cases, a master’s degree builds on your previous education and work experience. If you’re interested in changing fields but aren’t sure what you want to do, ask yourself what you liked and didn’t like about your undergraduate experience and your work history. Maybe there’s a way to leverage your past choices into new goals that better suit who you are today.

3. Browse Programs That Interest You

Checking out the curriculum for a few types of master’s degree programs may help you get an idea of what you’d most like to study. Read course descriptions online, request more information, and imagine yourself immersed in each area of study you’re considering. Also pay attention to prerequisites and other requirements for any degree programs that sound good, to see if you might qualify to apply. For instance, some graduate schools accept a low GRE score and other grad schools don’t require a GRE.

What Master’s Degree Should I Get? Find the Perfect Program for You!

Deciding what master’s degree you should get can be a tough process. Luckily, you can click on any of the sponsored listings above or browse our sponsored listings for master’s degree inspiration! Or, fill out our form to search master’s programs that may be ideal for your interests and goals.

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