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Online Family NP programs with no GRE required are an option for registered nurses to pursue an advanced degree without having to worry about preparing for and taking the standardized test. The MSN degree with Family Nurse Practitioner specialization teaches nurses to empower patients to take charge of their long-term health by facilitating disease prevention, health promotion and maintenance, and restorative care interventions.

10 Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs with No GRE Required

The online family nurse practitioner specialization can prepare registered nurses to advance their expertise as a healthcare professional. See the list of partner schools below for online FNP programs that admit students with no GRE scores required.

1. Regis College

No GRE Required

Regis College is a multifaceted Catholic University founded in the Boston area in 1927. Regis’ industry-active faculty teach programs with a holistic view of health care that are designed for the future of the field. The school’s commitment to social justice and lifelong learning are woven into each course.

About the Online FNP Program

The Regis College online master’s of science in nursing degree with family nurse practitioner specialization is designed for nurses looking to advance their career, achieve greater autonomy, and promote lasting change in the medical field by empowering patients of any age to lead healthy lives.

The Regis College MSN program is accredited by the ACEN and the National League for Nursing has recognized the Regis School of Nursing, Science & Health Professions as a Center of Excellence in Nursing Education.

2. Walden University

No GRE Required

Walden University offers a flexible online learning platform where students choose from competency-based programs, certificates and traditional degree programs with multiple start dates, taught by award-winning faculty. As a B Corp, Walden is a member of the global movement of people using business as a force for good.

About the Online FNP Program

Walden University’s online master’s in nursing with family nurse practitioner specialization focuses on evidence-based techniques that can enhance the quality of care and outcomes for patients.

Students have the opportunity to learn from expert teaching faculty and collaborate with nurses from around the country in an interactive online environment. Plus, each student will work with a practicum coordinator to meet their clinical practice requirements.

Enrollment in the FNP specialization at Walden is limited to allow for more personalized attention and support throughout the program and practicum.

3. Duquesne University

No GRE Required

Duquesne University is one of the nation’s top Catholic universities that teaches in the Spiritan tradition, aiming to challenge students academically while nourishing their spiritual and ethical development.

Serving as a pioneer in nursing education for the past 80 years, in 1997 Duquesne became the first university in the nation to offer an online PhD in Nursing.

About the Online FNP Program

Duquesne University’s online master of science in nursing program with family nurse practitioner specialization is designed for nurses with a BSN degree looking to take the next step in their nursing career.

FNP students at Duquesne have the opportunity to study cutting-edge techniques in primary care and learn to provide outstanding care to people across the lifespan while preparing for certification.

4. Bradley University

No GRE Required

Bradley University is a public university known for its outstanding faculty and student-centered approach to learning. Bradley’s culture of collaboration, support and shared values challenges nursing students to grow personally and professionally.

About the Online FNP Program

The online master’s in nursing with family nurse practitioner specialization at Bradley University offers students a big-picture, interprofessional view of modern health care with courses in advanced nursing theory, patient-centered care, and research practice.

Degree candidates can learn to conduct exams, diagnose illness, and treat individuals and families across the life span. Clinical requirements can be completed locally, and there is no campus residency requirement.

5. Sacred Heart University

No GRE Required

Sacred Heart University is the second-largest Catholic university in New England and aims to provide an affordable, quality education to a diverse local and international community. Faculty work closely with students in online courses and eighty percent of faculty members hold the highest degrees in their fields.

About the Online FNP Program

Sacred Heart University’s online master of science in nursing family nurse practitioner program prepares nurses with a bachelor’s degree to excel in providing health care throughout a patient’s lifespan. The program focuses on the advanced nursing skills necessary to provide clinical care to families, from infants to the elderly, in a primary care setting.

FNP students have the opportunity to learn primary care skills such as:

  • Conducting physical exams
  • Diagnosing diseases and injuries
  • Treating common illness

Sacred Heart University’s online FNP program is taught by experienced faculty with extensive clinical experience who place a high value on creating a personal atmosphere in their online classrooms and encourage heavy interaction between peers and with faculty.

6. Monmouth University

No GRE Required

Monmouth University is a private university on New Jersey’s northern coastline that offers innovative academic programs and individual faculty attention. The renowned faculty at Monmouth balance active involvement in advancing academic research nationwide with encouraging meaningful community involvement and critical thinking for self-fulfillment.

About the Online FNP Program

Monmouth University’s online master’s in nursing FNP track is designed to help nurses build confidence in the intellectual and clinical proficiency needed for advanced practice nursing.

The program introduces students to the interdisciplinary collaborative practice relevant to advanced nursing practice and helps them understand the impact of economics on social and health policy.

7. Ohio State University

No GRE Required

Ohio State University is a public institution in the city of Columbus, Ohio. The University’s College of Nursing was first founded as a Homeopathic Hospital Training Program for Nursing and has been educating nurses for over 100 years.

About the Online FNP Program

Ohio State University’s online MSN with family nurse practitioner track is designed for nurses who believe that working collaboratively with families at many stages of health in a primary care setting makes the best use of their nursing talents and expertise.

The program aims to prepare graduates for culturally competent advanced practice nursing in a range of clinical settings. Students will prepare for certification as family nurse practitioners in primary care with coursework, clinical experience, and research.

Ohio State’s College of Nursing caters to working nurses with a distance learning option, with all courses offered online and an option to complete clinicals near the student’s own community.

8. Maryville University

No GRE Required

Maryville University is a private institution offering a highly flexible and highly regarded education. FNP candidates can complete the program in as little as 15 courses, with no campus visits required and clinicals completed locally in the student’s preferred setting.

About the Online FNP Program

Maryville University’s online family nurse practitioner program is designed for registered nurses with a BSN degree who want to make a bigger difference in the lives of families while gaining leadership and autonomy. FNP students have the opportunity to conduct research through clinical inquiry courses that will challenge their assumptions and learn from an expert faculty of nursing leaders.

9. West Virginia University

No GRE Required

West Virginia University is a public, research-intensive university where nursing students are taught by expert faculty, many of whom still practice and engage in clinically relevant research.

WVU’s Health Sciences Center campus includes various clinical facilities that can serve as teaching locations for students and a major occupational health research facility operated by the CDC.

About the Online FNP Program

West Virginia University’s online FNP program offers baccalaureate-prepared nurses a pathway to advanced practice nursing via an MSN degree or DNP degree. Students are presented with the skills necessary to provide primary care to families and individuals throughout the lifespan in rural settings.

The FNP program is offered online through a variety of web-based modalities both in asynchronous and synchronous distance education formats. Students attend five face-to-face special sessions throughout their course of studies and a two-day practicum.

10. University of Cincinnati

No GRE Required

University of Cincinnati is a public research university in Ohio and one of the 50 largest universities in the United States. The university’s college of nursing was one of the first to offer the master’s in nursing degree in 1956.

About the Online FNP Program

University of Cincinnati’s online MSN family nurse practitioner program aims to prepare registered nurses with a BSN to take on a more specialized role in their field.

Coursework focuses on developing an in-depth understanding of the complexities inherent within family-focused medicine, with courses such as:

  • Advanced Health Assessments
  • Health Care Policy
  • The Care of Women and Children

Students have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in the field with lab time and extensive clinicals. Plus, the online MSN family nurse practitioner track can be completed in as little as two years.

Future Job Growth

Job openings for nurse practitioners are expected to grow by 38 percent from 2022 to 2032 according to Many states are responding to the increasing demand for primary care services by granting nurse practitioners the freedom to work without a supervising physician.

5 Common Admissions Requirements for Online Family Nurse Practitioner Programs

#1: RN Licensure and Clinical Experience

RN licensure is required for all online programs that prepare students for any type of advanced practice nursing field, including family nurse practitioners.

Many schools also want to see at least one year of clinical nursing experience, sometimes giving preference to clinical experience across the lifespan.

#2: BSN Degree

As online FNP programs are taught at the master’s level and often reward an MSN degree, most require candidates to hold a baccalaureate degree in nursing. Occasionally, a school may accept a candidate with a registered nursing license and a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field.

#3: Minimum 3.0 GPA

Online family nurse practitioner programs commonly require a GPA of at least 3.0 for unconditional admission. Some schools will consider applicants with a GPA lower than 3.0 on a case-by-case basis.

If you have low undergraduate grades, it is possible to find nursing graduate schools that have no minimum GPA or require a GPA below 3.0.

#4: Personal Statement

A personal statement is requested by most nursing schools at the master’s level. The statement should address the candidate’s career goals and demonstrate a clear understanding of the family nurse practitioner role.

This could also be an ideal place to elaborate on the relevance of your clinical experience or explain a low GPA.

#5: Letters of Recommendation

Most family nurse practitioner track programs request up to three letters of professional or academic reference. Recommendations from clinical supervisors, professors, or practicing advanced practice nurses who have mentored or supervised you will present the best picture of your ability to succeed in the FNP program to which you’re applying.

List of Online NP Programs That Don’t Require GRE

Graduate SchoolGRE RequirementsPotential Degrees Awarded
Regis CollegeNo Gre RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
Walden UniversityNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
Duquesne UniversityNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
Bradley UniversityNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
Sacred Heart UniversityNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
Monmouth UniversityNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
Ohio State UniversityNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
Maryville UniversityNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
West Virginia UniversityNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
University of CincinattiNo GRE RequiredMSN FNP Specialization
Top States for Employment for Nurse Practitioners
StateEmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
New York13,450$115,030

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top Salary Metro Areas in the United States: Nurse Practitioners
Metro AreaAnnual Mean SalaryEmployment
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA$146,050680
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA$131,4302,450
Vallejo-Fairfield, CA$129,040170
Stockton-Lodi, CA$127,330110
Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim, CA$123,5704,260

Bureau of Labor Statistics

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