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Low GPA MPH Programs may offer a second chance if your undergraduate grades weren’t as high as you’d have liked. We’ve rounded up partner schools offering Master of Public Health programs that may look beyond your low GPA. Check them out, or fill out the form on this page to get matched with MPH programs that may be perfect for you!

List of 10 Graduate Schools With Low GPA MPH Programs

While you can’t change the past, your less-than-impressive undergraduate GPA doesn’t necessarily have to hold you back from your career goals in Public Health. Browse these sponsored listings for MPH programs that may give weight to other factors besides your low GPA – like your work history, GRE scores, and letters of recommendation.

All listed GPAs are on a 4.0 scale and are cumulative unless otherwise specified; GPA and other admissions requirements to grad school programs are subject to change.

written by Shannon Fandler

u003ch2u003eu003ca href=u0022/graduate-schools-in-united-states/minnesota/walden-university-main-campusu0022 title=u0022MPH at Walden Universityu0022u003eWalden Universityu003c/au003eu003c/h2u003e
u003cpu003eWalden University is a 100%-online institution with over 45 years of excellence. They offer programs in the health sciences, human services, counseling, psychology, public administration, and much more. And, Walden is committed to the educational needs of working adult students from diverse walks of life.u003c/pu003ernrnu003cpu003eWalden’s online Master of Public Health (MPH) degree program is designed to help you face public health challenges ranging from infectious diseases to health inequities. Candidates study core courses like biostatistics, epidemiology, environmental health, and more, taking a global approach to the field. The program culminates with completion of a Practicum, Capstone, and ePortfolio.u003c/pu003e
u003ch4u003e Master in Public Health Programsu003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eu003ca href=u0022/form/475/29333u0022 title=u0022Master of Public Health at Waldenu0022u003eMaster of Public Health (M.P.H.) – Generalu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernrnu003ch4u003eMPH GPA Requirements:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003e2.5 in bachelor’s degree coursework; 3.0 in prior master’s courseworku003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernrnu003ch4u003eOther MPH Admissions Requirements May Include:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eTranscriptsu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eNames and contact information of two referencesu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e
u003ch2u003eu003ca href=u0022/graduate-schools-in-united-states/illinois/benedictine-university-main-campusu0022 title=u0022Benedictine University Graduate Programsu0022u003eBenedictine Universityu003c/au003eu003c/h2u003e
u003cpu003eBenedictine University is a private, Catholic institution founded in 1887. The university takes pride in being an early adopter of fully-online education, and they offer a variety of flexible programs to serve learners with diverse needs. Benedictine also has campuses in Lisle and Springfield, Illinois, as well as in Mesa, Arizona.u003c/pu003ernrnu003cpu003eBenedictine’s CEPH-accredited, online Master of Public Health (MPH) program is designed to be earned over approximately two years. The 58-credit program features foundation courses, electives, and a required internship. Students may also be able to focus on a particular area of public health and earn a certificate alongside their general degree. Certificate areas include:u003c/pu003ernrnu003culu003ern u003cliu003eHealth Management and Policyu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eEmergency Preparednessu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eHealth Education and Promotionu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eEpidemiologyu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e
u003ch4u003eMaster in Public Health Programsu003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern tu003cliu003eu003ca title=u0022Master of Public Health at Benedictineu0022 href=u0022/form/133/5126u0022u003eMaster of Public Healthu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eu003ca title=u0022MPH – Health Education u0026amp; Promotion at Benedictineu0022 href=u0022/form/133/5131u0022u003eMaster of Public Health – Health Education u0026amp; Promotionu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eu003ca title=u0022MPH – Health Management u0026amp; Policy at Benedictineu0022 href=u0022/form/133/5130u0022u003eMaster of Public Health – Health Management u0026amp; Policyu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ern tu003cliu003eu003ca title=u0022Dual MBA/MPH at Benedictineu0022 href=u0022/form/133/5129u0022u003eDual Master of Business Administration/Master of Public Healthu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003ch4u003eMPH GPA Requirements:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern tu003cliu003e2.75 (applicants not meeting this requirement may be admitted provisionally)u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003ch4u003eOther MPH Admissions Requirements May Include:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eTranscriptsu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eTwo letters of recommendationu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eResumeu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eLetter of intentu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eGRE (waivers may be available to students meeting certain requirements)u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e
u003ch2u003eu003ca href=u0022/graduate-schools-in-united-states/indiana/indiana-wesleyan-university-main-campusu0022 title=u0022MPH at Indiana Wesleyan Universityu0022u003eIndiana Wesleyan Universityu003c/au003eu003c/h2u003e
u003cpu003eIndiana Wesleyan University is a private Christian university founded in Marion, Indiana. They also serve adult students (0ver 10,000 of them!) online and at education centers in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. IWU focuses on professional education and the liberal arts, as well as helping students discover their life callings.u003c/pu003ernrnu003cpu003eThe online Master of Public Health (MPH) program at Indiana Wesleyan University focuses on five major areas of public health: Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Environmental Health, Health Services Administration, and Social and Behavioral Sciences. The 43-credit program is designed for busy, working adults, so you can take the eight-week courses one at a time. Students also participate in a mentored experience in a public health setting.u003c/pu003e
u003ch4u003eMaster in Public Health Programsu003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eu003cstrongu003eu003ca href=u0022/form/221/192025u0022 title=u0022Public Health (MPH) at IWUu0022u003ePublic Health (MPH)u003c/au003eu003c/strongu003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernrnu003ch4u003eMPH GPA Requirements:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern tu003cliu003e3.0, but applicants with a lower GPA may potentially meet this requirement by taking the GREu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003ch4u003eOther MPH Admissions Requirements May Include:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eTranscriptsu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eThree professional references (at least one from a previous faculty member)u003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eEssay (500-750 words)u003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eResumeu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eInterview with program facultyu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eGRE (if your GPA is below 3.0)u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e
u003ch2u003eu003ca href=u0022/graduate-schools-in-united-states/virginia/liberty-university-main-campusu0022 title=u0022MPH at Liberty University Onlineu0022u003eLiberty University Onlineu003c/au003eu003c/h2u003e
u003cpu003eFounded in 1971, Liberty University has been offering online programs since the 1980s! Today, this evangelical liberal arts university serves over 100,000 students across more than 550 programs of study – over 250 of which may be pursued online, from anywhere in the globe!u003c/pu003ernrnu003cpu003eThe Online Master’s in Public Health program (MPH) at Liberty University takes a Christ-centered approach to the ministry of health. Designed for health professionals hoping to expand their knowledge areas, the program offers three career-focused specializations: Global Health, Health Promotion, and Nutrition. The online MPH program is designed to be earned in less than two years.u003c/pu003e
u003ch4u003eMaster in Public Health Programsu003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eu003ca href=u0022/form/247/186792u0022 title=u0022MPH – Global Health at LIbertyu0022u003eMaster of Public Health: Global Healthu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernrnrnu003ch4u003eMPH GPA Requirements:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern tu003cliu003e2.5u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003ch4u003eOther MPH Admissions Requirements May Include:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eTranscriptsu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eProof of English proficiencyu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e
u003ch2u003eu003ca href=u0022/graduate-schools-in-united-states/georgia/south-university-main-campusu0022 title=u0022MPH at South Universityu0022u003eSouth Universityu003c/au003eu003c/h2u003e
u003cpu003eSouth University is a private, accredited institution offering online and traditional programs at campuses across nine states. The university – originally known as Draughon’s Practical Business College – was founded in 1899, in Savannah, Georgia. Since then, they’ve expanded to serve thousands of students across multiple academic areas that include Public Health, Healthcare Administration, Nursing, Theology, and more.u003c/pu003ernrnu003cpu003eSouth University’s MPH program is offered both online and on campus in Savannah. Designed to be earned in as few as 21 months on campus or 17 months online, the program features courses in health promotion and disease prevention, epidemiology, biostatistical methods, public health policy, and much more.u003c/pu003e
u003ch4u003eMaster in Public Health Programsu003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eu003ca href=u0022/form/357/307138u0022 title=u0022Master of Public Health at Southu0022u003eMaster of Public Healthu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernrnrnu003ch4u003eMPH GPA Requirements:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern tu003cliu003e2.7 (Applicants not meeting this requirement must earn minimum GRE scores in the 45th percentile for Verbal and 32nd percentile for Quantitative.)u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003ch4u003eOther MPH Admissions Requirements May Include:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eTranscriptsu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eEssay (1-2 pages)u003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eResumeu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eCompletion of a statistics course with a grade of C or betteru003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e
u003ch2u003eu003ca href=u0022/graduate-schools-in-united-states/new-york/st-johns-university-main-campusu0022 title=u0022MPH at St. John’s Universityu0022u003eSt. John’s Universityu003c/au003eu003c/h2u003e
u003cpu003eSt. John’s University is a Catholic, Vincentian institution with a history that dates back to 1870. The university is dedicated to serving others, in the footsteps of St. Vincent de Paul. Students may choose from campuses throughout New York, including Queens, Staten Island, Manhattan, and Long Island. Many programs are also available online.u003c/pu003ernrnu003cpu003eSt. John’s online Master of Public Health (MPH) program focuses on helping both local and global communities lead healthier lives. The flexibility of online learning meets hands-on field experience in this program, helping participants pursue the best of both worlds. While a 3.0 GPA is required, there may be hope for those with a lower GPA: conditional admission. Students who receive conditional acceptance must earn a minimum grade of B for all six core courses.u003c/pu003e
u003ch4u003eMaster in Public Health Programsu003c/h4u003ernrnu003culu003ern u003cliu003eu003cstrongu003eu003ca href=u0022/form/354/195173u0022 title=u0022Master of Public Health st SJUu0022u003eMaster of Public Healthu003c/au003eu003c/strongu003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernrnu003ch4u003eMPH GPA Requirements:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern tu003cliu003e3.0, but conditional acceptance may be offered.u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003ch4u003eOther MPH Admissions Requirements May Include:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eGRE scoresu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eTranscriptsu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eResume or CVu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eThree letters of recommendation (at least one from a from a Public Health Practitioner preferred)u003c/liu003ern u003cliu003ePersonal Statement (not more than 1,000 words)u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e
u003ch2u003eu003ca href=u0022/graduate-schools-in-united-states/district-of-columbia/the-george-washington-university-main-campusu0022 title=u0022MPH at The George Washington Universityu0022u003eThe George Washington Universityu003c/au003eu003c/h2u003ern
u003cpu003eDid you know the George Washington University was chartered by an act of Congress in 1821? This private research university has an impressive history of helping students prepare for exciting new goals. Today, GW offers several ways to learn: online or at campuses throughout the Washington D.C. area and Virginia.u003c/pu003ernrnu003cpu003eGW’s online Master of Public Health program is offered through the CEPH-accredited Milken Institute School of Public Health. (The MPH program is also accredited.) Known as MPH@GW, the program focuses on local, national, and global health practice, plus an interdisciplinary approach to learning. Candidates may pursue the degree either part time or full time.u003c/pu003e
u003ch4u003eMaster in Public Health Programsu003c/h4u003ernrnu003culu003ern u003cliu003eu003ca href=u0022/form/5178/177956u0022 title=u0022Master of Public Health Online at GWUu0022u003eMaster of Public Health Onlineu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernrnu003ch4u003eMPH GPA Requirements:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern tu003cliu003eNone listed; applicants must have earned a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institutionu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003ch4u003eOther MPH Admissions Requirements May Include:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eTranscriptsu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eGRE scoresu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eStatement of Purpose (500-1,500 words)u003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eResume or CVu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eTwo letters of recommendationu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e
u003ch2u003eu003ca href=u0022/graduate-schools-in-united-states/massachusetts/lasell-college-main-campusu0022 title=u0022MS in Health Communication at Lasell Collegeu0022u003eLasell Collegeu003c/au003eu003c/h2u003ern
u003cpu003eLasell is a private college located eight miles from Boston in u003ca href=u0022http://www.newtonma.gov/u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022u003eNewtonu003c/au003e, Massachusetts. In addition to undergraduate programs, Lasell is home to graduate and professional programs in online, classroom, and blended formats. Six start dates throughout the year means you may be able to start your Lasell graduate program sooner than you thought!u003c/pu003ernrnu003cpu003eThe MS in Communication program at Lasell College offers a Health Communication concentration with a focus on health communications campaigns, the ethics of health communication, interpreting international policies related to global health issues, and much more. The 36-credit program may be pursued 100% online or in a blended on-campus format.u003c/pu003e
u003ch4u003eMaster in Public Health Programsu003c/h4u003ernrnu003culu003ern u003cliu003eu003ca href=u0022/form/244/193540u0022 title=u0022Master of Science in Communication: Health Communication at Lasellu0022u003eMaster of Science in Communication: Health Communicationu003c/au003eu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernrnu003ch4u003eMPH GPA Requirements:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern tu003cliu003eNone, though a 3.0 is recommended for applicants with fewer than 3 years of professional work experience.u003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003ernu003ch4u003eOther MPH Admissions Requirements May Include:u003c/h4u003ernu003culu003ern u003cliu003eOfficial transcriptsu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eTwo letters of recommendation from faculty and/or employersu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eA one-page personal statementu003c/liu003ern u003cliu003eResumeu003c/liu003ernu003c/ulu003e

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In May 2022, healthcare practitioners and technical occupations, including dental hygienists, physicians, surgeons, and registered nurses, had a median annual wage of $77,760.

Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
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Are there Masters in Public Health Programs for a 2.5 GPA?

There may be some Master of Public Health programs that set 2.5 as a minimum GPA requirement, including these schools from our sponsored listings, above:

What are Masters in Public Health admission requirements for a low GPA?

With a low GPA, it may be particularly important to get all other MPH admissions requirements simply perfect. That means acing your personal statement or essay, proofreading your CV, and making sure you check all the boxes when it comes to your application.

Common MPH admissions requirements may include:

  • Official transcripts from any previous institutions you attended
  • Letters of recommendation from faculty who can speak to your academic strengths, and/or from work supervisors who can attest to your on-the-job excellence
  • A resume or CV…if you have relevant experience in public health or a related area, all the better!
  • A writing sample, personal statement, or essay questions, which may pertain to your academic and professional interests, your goals in the field of public health, etc.
Top States for Employment for Medical and Health Services Managers
StateEmploymentAnnual Mean Wage
New York25,850$119,350

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top Salary Metro Areas in the United States: Medical and Health Services Managers
Metro AreaAnnual Mean SalaryEmployment
San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA$146,1902,110
Vallejo-Fairfield, CA$145,440520
San Francisco-Oakland-Hayward, CA$125,5005,150
Sacramento--Roseville--Arden-Arcade, CA$124,1302,300
Stockton-Lodi, CA$122,130400

Bureau of Labor Statistics

3 Things You Should Know About Comparing Low GPA MPH Programs

You might wish you’d done better as an undergraduate, but a low GPA may not be a deal-breaker when it comes time to apply to Master of Public Health programs. In fact, some schools may take a more holistic approach to admissions, accepting GPAs on the lower side while giving weight to other aspects of the application – like your writing sample or professional experience.

As you take the time to learn more about these and other schools, keep these considerations in mind:

Are there Masters in Public Health programs that offer provisional admission?

Some programs may admit applicants who don’t meet the minimum GPA, but will then place those students on academic watch or probation. That’s potentially a chance to prove yourself, if your past academic performance wasn’t as good as it could have been. At St. John’s University, conditional acceptance may be possible for applicants with a GPA below 3.0. However, students admitted conditionally have to earn a minimum grade of B for all six core courses in the program.

Do Masters in Public Health programs that accept low GPA require the GRE?

Some programs may accept GRE scores as proof of your academic potential…even if your undergraduate grades were low. For example, South University permits applicants with a GPA below 2.7 to apply with minimum GRE scores in the 45th percentile (Verbal) and 32nd percentile (Quantitative).

3. Don’t Just Look for “Easy MPH Programs to Get Into”

Take the time to make sure the programs you’re applying to seem like the ideal fit for both your professional goals and your current lifestyle. Accreditation, career-specific concentrations, and flexible learning paths are just a few things to consider.

Find partner MPH programs that accept students with low GPA scores below. 

List of MPH Programs that Accept LOW GPA

MPH GPA RequirementsMPH Programs
1. Walden University2.5 Bachelor’s GPAMaster of Public Health – General
2. Benedictine University2.75 GPAMPH Health Education, MPH Health Management, MPH General
3. Indiana Wesleyan University3.0 GPA, but lower may be accepted if high GRE scoresMaster of Public Health
4. Liberty University Online2.5MPH – Global Health
5. South University2.7, but some flexibilityMaster of Public Health
6. St. John’s University3.0, but conditional acceptance may be offeredMaster of Public Health
7. The George Washington UniversityNone listedMaster of Public Health Online
8. Lasell CollegeNone listedMS in Health Communication

Featured Schools

Find MPH Low GPA Programs That May Be Perfect for You

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