Find APA Accredited PsyD Programs

What is APA accreditation?

The American Psychological Association (APA) provides certifications to educational programs that meet or exceeds its expectations in the quality of content and material provided to students. The goal is to help ensure that students who leave those programs have the necessary skills needed to work in the industry. This may help public licensing boards and future employers have access to people who have the necessary background in psychology.

When seeking out a college or university to enroll in, many students look for accreditation. It helps students know that the education provided by the program could help them gain the education necessary to pass licensing exams and meet employer goals.

APA Accredited PsyD Programs

What types of APA accreditation exist?

The APA’s Commission on Accreditation (CoA), as well as the office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, gathers information on programs to determine if they meet the requirements for accreditation. They often do this for three specific areas of study.

  • Clinical Psychology
  • Counseling Psychology
  • School Psychology

Many programs may fall under one of these three areas. The program receiving accreditation meets the goals of the APA for the curriculum and teaching methods provided in these areas. This type of accreditation lasts for 3 to 7 years.

APA Accredited Doctorate Programs

What are accredited doctoral programs?

The APA accredits two types of programs in the area of psychology. This includes the Doctor of Philosophy, PhD, program. It is typically a research-based program where students spend some or all of their time within the program researching and developing concepts related to their field. Many people who earn this type of doctorate spend their time in areas of psychological research. They may research on behalf of the collection or a research organization.

Another type of accredited doctoral program is a Doctor of Psychology or PsyD. This type of program is clinical based. That means students work to develop skills that apply to working in the field. They may learn both general aspects of psychology as well as a more specific area of instruction in the field of scientific psychology. Those who wish to work in the field rather than research may wish to choose this path.

Are there APA accredited PsyD programs online?

At this time, there are no APA accredited PsyD programs offered fully online. The APA has yet to approve any fully online program for accreditation. This may change at some type in the future. Be sure to pay close attention to online programs in this area, as they may communicate that they’ve earned accreditation.

Keep in mind some limitations may exist. Some programs may require students to visit the campus during the course of study. Others may have online portals that require attendance at specific times. Some online options may be limitedly available. Also, it may be important to ensure any online program meets APA requirements for accreditation. If it does not, it may still provide the same studies and quality of education. In the long term, it may need to meet your state’s requirements to ensure you may sit for the state licensing exam.

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What kind of classes do accredited PsyD programs have?

Those working towards a PsyD may take a wide range of courses related to the areas they plan to work or in areas that interest them. Many colleges and universities incorporate required courses as well as electives, each with the ability to provide students with more insight and knowledge.

Many PsyD programs incorporate hands-on learning opportunities. This may include students working in area hospitals or treatment centers. It may include simulation labs or other types of real-world scenarios. This may allow students to gain more insight into what to expect when they leave their educational program and work in the field.

It’s important to note that college programs and courses differ significantly. Below are some of the courses that students may take as a component of a PsyD program. Others may apply.

Doctor of Psychology Course Examples

1st course Introduction to Statistics / Research Methods

Introduction to Statistics / Research Methods:

This course may cover topics such as research methods and statistics and how they apply to the field of psychology. Topics may also include analysis and interpretation of data as well as designing and conducting experiments.

2nd course Biological Bases of Behavior

Biological Bases of Behavior:

This course may cover a number of topics. Some of these topics may include anatomical, physiological, and endocrinological underpinnings of behaviors. Memory, movement, and emotion as part of behavior may also be covered.

3rd Course Adult Psychopathology

Adult Psychopathology:

This course may look at abnormal human behavior in adults and descriptions of the different types. Other topics that may be covered in this course may include symptoms, causes, and treatment of these behaviors.

4th Course Child and Adolescent Psychopathology

Child and Adolescent Psychopathology:

This course may cover topics such as abnormal child and adolescent behavior as well as types of treatment. Other topics may include symptoms, pertinent types, and causes. Students may also look at and interpret research.

5th Course Multicultural Clinical Psychology:

Multicultural Clinical Psychology:

This course may introduce students to various topics and how to apply them in clinical psychology in a multicultural setting. Topics that may be covered include the role of culture and social identities in human behavior.

6th Course Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Psychotherapy

In this course, students may be educated on the ethics of psychotherapy. Topics that may be covered include standards of the American Psychological Association as well as legal and ethical issues in the field.

What are the benefits of an APA PsyD program?

Enrolling in a PsyD program that is APA approved may provide students with advantages, including ensuring they receive a quality education that prepares them to work in the field as well as sit for their licensing exams. Programs that complete this goal typically go through a rigorous review process. This takes into account quite a bit of insight into what the program offers and how well it meets the students’ needs.

There could be other benefits to students

Completing an accredited PsyD program may help students have a better understanding of more areas of psychology. These programs typically include a more comprehensive study of the field. This allows them to build skills in more areas. It may contribute to improving skill levels, too, by creating more opportunities to gain proficiency and overall mastery of core skills.

Accredited programs also promote practices in education. That means that students learn using effective and efficient methods of education. For some students, that may mean ensuring they have access to quality teaching methods that enable them to take in the information they need.

At its basic form, APA PysD programs facilitate licensure eligibility in some states. Some states require students receive their education from an APA-accredited program. In that way, this may not just be a benefit but also a requirement for earning an education and then licensing in the field.

Other Types of Psychology Degrees

Some universities, such as Capella offers a PhD in Counselor Education and Supervision. These are typically accredited by another agency, the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP).

  • Earn your degree from a university with a “Whole Human Education” approach that focuses on assisting you in all aspects of your education: academic, emotional, career, financial, and family.
  • Choose from 75+ programs: Whether you’re starting fresh or seeking advancement, our career-focused programs are designed to help you make an impact in your chosen field.
  • National University is regionally accredited by the WASC Senior College and University Commission (WSCUC).

List of APA Accredited PsyD Programs

The following are APA accredited PsyD programs. These are ranked based on admission rates using College Scorecard.

School NameAcceptance RatePsyD Programs Offered
Eastern Kentucky University98%Clinical PsyD
Wright State University96%Clinical PsyD
Azusa Pacific University94%Clinical PsyD
Felician University94%Counseling PsyD
Carlow University94%Counseling PsyD
Northwest University93%Counseling PsyD
Spalding University93%Clinical PsyD
Indiana University of Pennsylvania93%Clinical PsyD
Indiana State University92%Clinical PsyD, School PsyD
Georgia Southern University91%Clinical PsyD
Marshall University89%Clinical PsyD
Wheaton College87%Clinical PsyD
West Chester University of Pennsylvania86%Clinical PsyD
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota84%Counseling PsyD
Marywood University82%Clinical PsyD
University of Houston, Clear Lake81%Combined, Clinical-School PsyD
James Madison University80%Combined, Clinical-School PsyD
Loyola University, Maryland80%Clinical PsyD
Radford University79%Counseling PsyD
Mercer University78%Clinical PsyD
Kean University78%Combined, Clinical-School PsyD
University of Hartford77%Clinical PsyD
Roosevelt University77%Clinical PsyD
Duquesne University77%School PsyD
Nova Southeastern University76%Clinical PsyD, School PsyD
La Salle University76%Clinical PsyD
Widener University75%Clinical PsyD
Saint Elizabeth University75%Counseling PsyD
California Lutheran University74%Clinical PsyD
Our Lady of the Lake University74%Counseling PsyD
Florida Institute of Technology70%Clinical PsyD
Point Park University70%Clinical PsyD
Hofstra University69%School PsyD
Baylor University68%Clinical PsyD
Rutgers University67%Clinical PsyD, School PsyD
Yeshiva University67%Clinical PsyD, Combined, Clinical-School PsyD
University of Colorado, Denver66%School PsyD
Chatham University66%Counseling PsyD
Biola University64%Clinical PsyD
Alfred University64%School PsyD
Springfield College63%Clinical PsyD
University of Denver61%Clinical PsyD
University at Albany57%School PsyD
Regent University50%Clinical PsyD
George Washington University43%Clinical PsyD
Pepperdine University42%Clinical PsyD
Alliant International University, San Diego38%Clinical PsyD
Loma Linda UniversityN/AClinical PsyD
Palo Alto UniversityN/AClinical PsyD
William James CollegeN/AClinical PsyD, School PsyD
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