Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Technology

Online Technology Graduate Certificate Programs provide a convenient way for busier students to refine technical skills and explore current trends in computing, IT and data science. Since technology has more than one application, students could seek out a program that adopts a business, analytical, or information systems point of view.

written by Rana Waxman

Why Online Technology Certificate Programs?

Apart from the web-based format, Online Technology Graduate Certificate Programs could provide a credential that demonstrates refined knowledge and expertise. Students could focus on their chosen area of study and work to develop professionally.

In the case of post-baccalaureate certificates, participants typically apply directly to their chosen graduate school, but do not have to commit to a full degree. For advanced certificates (also, post-masters), students may already be on track to a Masters degree. The certificate then functions as a concentrated area of emphasis.

Admission Information

While each grad school sets their own standards for admissions, some of the items that might be required with a completed application could include the following.

  • Transcripts
  • Minimum GPA
  • Prerequisite Coursework
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Resume or CV

Short-Term Focused Study

Since most online graduate certificate programs only involve an average of 12 to 15 credits, this means one might complete the requirements in about one year (or less) of full time study. Longer programs usually involve more credits, and may involve independent research, a capstone project or even, fieldwork. Keep these variables in mind.

Keep the Doors Open to a Future Graduate Degree

These short and focused programs might also provide transfer credits. In graduate schools that stipulate this possibility, the earned certificate credits are usually applied to a related Masters degree program.

Study When and Where You Have Internet

Study computing and real-world applications of technology in the virtual classroom! Formats for Online Technology Graduate Certificate Programs do vary, even though in essence, one takes courses via computer.

Frequently, students are able to log into their school’s learning platform 24/7 and may have the freedom to create their own schedules. However, it is important to check for assignment deadlines, or online discussion threads that require a certain routine participation.

Demand for workers in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 13% from 2016 to 2026. This is due to a greater emphasis on cloud computing, big data and information security.i

Types of Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Technology

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Technology span a full list of categories that could help students gain practical skills, develop their innovative spirit or strategic mindset. Review the subjects from our directory to find the perfect certificate for your career and academic goals.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Information Systems

An online Graduate Certificate in Business Information Systems program analyzes how businesses manage information to function more efficiently, effectively, and profitably. Business intelligence is the analysis of data to improve how an enterprise and routine business operations are managed. A by-product of this process is intelligent supply chain management.

Students who pursue a Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Architecture (EA) might take several courses in strategy and operations. In tandem, other EA courses could provide the analysis and planning tools. These may help current professionals understand, design and apply technology-based solutions to business challenges of the enterprise.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Computational Science

An online Graduate Certificate in Computational Science could provide highly technical courses that aim to help students translate mathematics into computer programs. Curricula might include course topics such as scientific visualization and database query applications among others.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Computer Science

Computer science is concerned with the scientific, engineering, management and mathematical issues in the development and application of software technology in the modern information world. An online Computer Science Certificate could focus on a specific area of CS such as artificial intelligence, computer programming or software engineering.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Database Management

An online Graduate Certificate in Database Management could prepare students to design and implements both transaction processing and decision support databases. Participants might study the various data mining technologies and trends in business intelligence systems.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Geographic Information Systems

An online Certificate in Geographic Information Systems could position students with a deeper grasp of spatial data, analysis and visualization. In their courses, students might be exposed to current trends in spatial data processing and GIS Web-based application development.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Information Assurance & Cybersecurity

An online Graduate Certificate in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity could prepare students to think critically about data protection. Coursework could cover risk, cryptography and network security among other topics.

In some schools, the course plan may be designed to help participants gain the knowledge associated with the Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Information Sciences

Information sciences includes areas such as library science, informatics and information systems engineering. Any of these disciplines and ones that branch from them could be the content of a graduate certificate.

For example, students interested in library science might pursue an online Archives Studies Certificate (ASC). This type of program could highlight the techniques and processes that are necessary to manage and maintain special collections. Coursework could focus on the diverse formats in which information is organized and delivered. Also, how to organize, store, preserve and maintain each type of collection.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Information Technology

Participants in an online Graduate Certificate in Information Technology program may gain advanced knowledge of the goals, functions, and operations of an IT organization. In tandem, students may build technical proficiency in various aspects of software design and its uses. For instance, courses might provide instruction in how to create an information systems architecture that aligns with organization goals.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Software & Application Development

Those interested in client-side and server-side development might pursue a Graduate Certificate in Web Application Development online. Coursework in this type of program could discuss topics in areas such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS, PHP, and Node.js.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Technology Management

Business and technology coursework intersect in an online Graduate Certificate in Technology Management program. Participants could deepen their grasp of how technology could impact an organization through the viewpoints of strategy, operations, leadership and IT.

On the technical side, students might take courses in areas such as technology forecasting and innovation and may also investigate key developments in cloud and internet law. On the business side, students might learn about the role of strategic alliances in the technology sector as well as how to communicate and manage IT projects.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Telecom & Networking

An online Graduate Certificate in Telecommunications and Networking could expose students to innovation in wireless networks and services. Participants might also learn strategies to deal with wireless data traffic and network security.

Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Web Development & Design

An online Graduate Certificate in Web development and design may touch on aspects of digital design, user-experience design, interaction design, marketing, advertising and computer application design. Coursework could foster a deeper sense of how to conduct research, think critically and creatively across a full spectrum of media platforms.

Apply to Online Technology Graduate Certificate Programs

Scroll through the directory of Online Technology Graduate Certificate Programs to find the one(s) you want to apply to. Then, take the next step right away. It’s simple. All you do is fill out an on-page form to contact partner schools directly.


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