Oregon Campus Graduate Certificate Programs in Public Affairs & Social Sciences

Schools that offer Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificates may help students update a professional resume, boost a current career, or broaden their knowledge base. There are schools that offer certificate programs in psychology, social work, international studies, political science, emergency management, and other related fields. Take class on-campus with other graduate students as you explore the area of study that aligns with your goals.

Why Consider Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools?

Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools might offer programs that are designed to enhance your current degree. Post-bachelors certificates may provide students with the chance to take masters level courses in a desired area of study. Those who want to continue their studies are sometimes able to transfer credits to the related masters degree. Post-masters certificates are sometimes called ‘advanced’ because they are planned for students and professionals who already hold a masters degree.

Take Courses in a Single Content Area

One of the features of most Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools is that they offer programs in a single content area. Many, but not all, graduate certificates entail the completion of about four or five courses. Because of this, a full-time student may be able to complete their certificate in about one year. Great news for busy adults who hope to develop new skills in the short-term. Just bear in mind that program lengths and course requirements vary.

Experience Hands On, Interactive Learning

Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools are a great option for those looking for an interative learning experience. Not only could you take advantage of the classroom experience, but some courses may include demonstrations, simulations and other forms of group activities.

This could be especially beneficial in the human-centric social science field.

Explore Diverse Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificates

If you wonder what type of programs you might find at Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools, the answer is ‘a variety.’ The social sciences address a range of human issues. Social and behavioral scientists look at social, cultural, political, technological and biological phenomena and points of view. Public affairs covers issues that affect people directly. This can mean government policy, public administration, national defense and public health issues. In its broadest sense, public affairs describe the relationship of organizations and the people in them.

Certificate Schools for Conflict Resolution

A Certificate in Conflict Resolution and Leadership (CRL) may provide a wide range of methods to deal with various types of conflict. Schools that offer graduate certificate programs in conflict resolution may use experiential learning methods along with in-class lectures. As a result, students could gain expertise in leadership, mediation and conflict resolution. 

Certificate Schools for Counseling Psychology

Schools with graduate certificate programs in Counseling Psychology may offer planned courses of study for students who want to add onto a masters degree. One example is a Graduate Certificate in Professional Counseling. In some schools, this is an eighteen-credit program that may help students earn extra hours to complete the educational requirements of the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) licensure in their state. The Graduate Certificate typically allows students to tailor their choice of free electives to complete courses with a common theme. Addictions counseling, counseling children and adolescents, couples and family counseling, are some potential areas. You could take courses in topics such as mental health counseling, counseling theories and psychopathology. Whether you are enrolled in a masters program or have completed a CACREP-accredited master's degree in counseling, this option may work for you.

Certificate Schools for Gerontology

Keep on the lookout for different types of schools with graduate certificate programs in gerontology. Some certificates are aimed as general courses of study that examine aging and topics that are relevant to the older adult. Retirement, health care rationing and elder abuse are just a few examples. Other certificates are designed for nurses who have earned their Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) in another area and want to explore clinical care for the older patient. These are usually referred to as Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner certificates.

Certificate Schools for Psychology

Schools with certificate programs in psychology may offer several types of programs, and they tend to vary in length and admissions requirements. For instance, some schools offer certificates (concentrations) that are used in conjunction with a Masters in Psychology. Substance abuse counseling is one such example. In this type of certificate, you may take courses that explore topics such as the psychology of addiction and clinical intervention methods. 

By comparison, some certificates are designed for the more experienced student. For instance, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis may help students to meet the academic requirements to sit for the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst® (BCBA) exam. In this type of post-masters program, you could study how to help others make socially significant behavior changes. Some schools with ABA certificates follow a Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB)® approved syllabus. If you have specific professional goals, stay informed as to what your state board requires of you.

Certificate Schools for Public Administration

Schools with graduate certificate programs in public administration may provide career-focused courses of study in an area such as public service. For instance, if you are drawn to social justice and advocacy, you might look for a school with a Public Service Communication Specialist certificate. Students in this type of program could take courses in intercultural communication, mass media and negotiation. Also, your school may be connected to resources where you might take part in a conflict management workshop in a local prison or community. This type of in-person experience could bring theory to life. 

Certificate Schools for Public Health

As a broad field, public health may be explored in various ways by different graduate schools. Some programs are planned for students with their bachelors degree. They may already be at work in a specific field and want to focus on an area of study through a series of about five courses. In the short term, students may take away key skills and could also build a base of knowledge should they apply to a masters program in that field of study. One example of this is a Health Communication Certificate. This type of curriculum could cover the basics of how to design and deliver media support services for health media productions, health communication campaigns, and organizations who want to develop their health promotions.

Certificate Schools for Social Work

Graduate certificate programs in social work may help current social workers refine practice areas and stay abreast of current trends in theory and policy. Some schools offer programs in the summer as intensives too. Look for a program such as an Advanced Trauma Studies Postgraduate Certificate. This type of program may be designed for the experienced clinician to develop and build solid clinical skills around the area of trauma. Or, search for a school with a program that focuses on child abuse, childhood poverty and other risks.

DID YOU KNOW? When asked, 15% of Substance Abuse Counselors reported they had a post-masters certificate.i

Find Accredited Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools

Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools may be regionally accredited. This type of institutional accreditation shows that the school is financially stable, and could speak to the quality of student services and faculty. On another level, some graduate certificate programs may be approved by a professional accreditor specific to that field. One example we touched upon was the BACB.® Contact programs directly to learn more.

Search for Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools

It could be easy to find Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools on the GradSchools.com directory. Choose your subject then browse certificate programs in that genre. You can also sort your options by location. Contact Public Affairs and Social Sciences Certificate Schools directly with the on-page form. Take your education to the next step now.

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