Washington Clinical Psychology Certificate Programs

Earning a certificate in clinical psychology is a way to enhance ones education by endeavoring to explore a different aspect of clinical psychology through a new lens. Clinical psychology certificate programs are offered in a wide variety of topics and subjects. For instance you could look specifically at school counseling or addictions counseling. Current practitioners in other areas of psychology, may want to consider a re-specialization certificate in order to prepare for practice in the clinical psychology area.

Types of Clinical Psychology Certificate Programs

Program format is another important consideration. Students seeking convenience and flexibility may want to consider an online Clinical Psychology Certificate Programs. Most clinical psychology graduate certificates are offered in a campus-based format that allows interaction with professors and classmates.

Graduate Certificates in Clinical Psychology

Students from many different educational and professional backgrounds may be interested in earning a graduate certificate in clinical psychology to learn more about the profession and prepare for work at the masters in clinical psychology ;or doctorate in clinical psychology level. It is important to understand the licensure and education requirements for clinical practice in psychology to determine if a certificate program is something you would like to pursue.

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