Graduate Certificates in Psychology

Many Psychology Certificate Programs are planned-out to help students develop skills sets and know-how in a certain area of psychology beyond the master’s degree level. Other students might complete a Graduate Certificate in Psychology either on-campus or as Online Psychology Certificate Programs to refine credentials or prepare for grad school.

written by Rana Waxman

Psychology Certificate Programs: Overview

Psychology Certificate Programs are available in diverse areas. Each certificate in psychology usually takes on a singular topic. Thus, a certificate could take less time than a full graduate degree.

Degree plans could include some type of fieldwork or project, labs, and coursework although requirements do vary. Students may either need to follow a specific series of courses, or may have some leeway to choose electives.

Types of Psychology Certificate Programs

There are essentially two types of Psychology Certificate Programs: (1) Post-Masters, and (2) Post-Bachelors certificates in psychology. The type of program and school admissions requirements usually determines the protocol to apply. Degree seekers and non-degree seekers may have to follow a distinct process.

That stated, some schools may structure a certificate as an add on to a Master of Science in Psychology (MSAP). Students might either take the certificate coursework as an emphasis, or on its own. One case in point is offered at partner school, Sacred Heart University.

Their Masters in Applied Psychology is built around theory and applications of psychology. Core courses tap into research into behavioral issues and students could add one of three concentrations: I-O Psychology, Community Psychology and General Applied Psychology. These MSAP focus areas are also offered as certificates.

Applied Psychology programs look at how psychological theories and methods could be used in real-world settings to actual problems.i

Formats for Psychology Certificate Programs might include both part-time and full-time degree plans. In addition, students could look for an online Graduate Certificate in Psychology. Or, choose a campus program based on the school’s location. Sometimes both the online and on-campus programs are similar except for their delivery methods.

Explore a Variety of Psychology Graduate Certificates

On this directory, Psychology Certificate Programs are listed under their subject for easy reference. Below, some of these are explored. Interested students could compare certificates from diverse grad schools to determine which ones might align with professional goals.

Applied Behavior Analysis Certificate

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific approach to the study of behavior. Students who pursue ABA certification could learn to describe, explain, predict, and help clients change, certain behavior.

In some universities, an ABA certificate may require one year of full-time study, though students may need extra time to complete their practicum. Some programs cover about 18 course credits.

Curriculums typically explore professional conduct and ethics along with principles, procedures and theory. A course in assessment and intervention may help students use evidence to support data-based decisions for various behavioral needs.

A graduate certificate in ABA could prepare students to sit for the Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) exam. Successful completion of this exam may be one of the requirements to pursue a career as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). Other factors could include an approved masters degree, supervised experience, application, examination, and background check.

Interested applicants may need to write a personal essay, send transcripts and letter(s) of reference. Students typically need to have a Masters degree in a school-approved major.

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