Nursing Specialties Certificate

Nursing specialty programs provide key nursing education for advanced practice nurses (APRN) to be eligible to pursue licensure as nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, certified clinical nurse specialists, and certified nurse anesthetists.

Beyond these roles, there are MSN programs that with emphasis in nurse educator, nurse informatics, nurse executive and more. While some nursing graduate schools may offer the general Master of Science in Nursing, most expect students to focus their studies on one of these areas. offers 18 Nursing specialty Certificate Degree Programs

  • Loyola University Chicago

  • University of Saint Joseph

  • Nj Communiversity

  • Kaplan College

  • London Metropolitan University

  • Spring Hill College

  • Slippery Rock University

  • University of Central Florida

  • Seattle University

  • University of California - Riverside

  • Georgia Regents University

  • Ulster University