New York Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics and Statistics

Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics and Statistics may be the perfect format for the working professional or educator who wants to refine their skills, or for students from other fields who need to enhance their knowledge. Mathematics can be applied to statistics as well as to many professions where mathematical models are used to solve real issues such as in science, engineering, and other areas of mathematical practice.[i] In fact, applied mathematics has led to developments such as statistics and game theory[ii]. If you live too far geographically from an accredited graduate school or your work schedule means you cannot make regular visits to campus, earning your math or statistics graduate certificate online warrants consideration.

Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics and Statistics: Program Basics

Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics and Statistics are offered in actuarial science and financial engineering, math, statistics and data analysis. Prerequisite education may vary; some programs may be designed for non-majors - for those with an undergraduate degree in a related field, others may offer targeted education for majors. You might find some programs geared towards students who may, at a later date, pursue their graduate math or statistics degree, while others may be intended as post-master’s certificates. This being said, graduate school policies vary; you may only be able to transfer credits from your certificate if you remain in that same university for your graduate degree.

Potential Features of Online Math and Statistics Graduate Certificate Programs

Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics and Statistics may be 100% online in which case your courses are made available through a website or course management system, which is also used for submission of assignments. Lectures may be pre-taped (audio) or

pre-recorded (video), but in either case, access is typically 24/7. This is perhaps the top reason why distance-learning is appreciated by working students; the potential to schedule study when you have a window of time rather than having a regular commute ‘to class’.

In addition to this, the main requirement is a computer and reliable Internet, so web-based programs make it possible to study from wherever you are located. In the event that your program is not fully online, it may include some visits to your campus whether for meetings, demonstrations, computer labs or team-building. This can be determined by requesting info from your intended graduate school. Use the green tabs on our site; it's easy!

FACT: Biostatisticians develop and apply biostatistical theory and methods to the study of life sciences as well as analyze clinical or survey data using statistical approaches such as longitudinal analysis, mixed effect modeling, logistic regression analyses, and model building techniques. (O’Net)[iii].

Why Earn an Online Graduate Certificate in Mathematics or Statistics?

Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics and Statistics programs allow students to further their education without committing to a long degree. makes it simple to locate the different types of web-based grad certificate programs. If you need practical skills to bring forward into a current workplace, specific education in an area, or as a way to add math as a teaching subject, these needs may be answered through one of the following online certificate programs.  

Online Actuarial Science Graduate Certificates

Actuarial science is the academic field that focuses on the application of mathematics and statistical methods to assess risk in insurance and finance amongst other fields. Some of the subjects that might be studied could include[iv]:

  • Mathematics
  • Probability theory
  • Statistics
  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Computer Science

Online Mathematics Graduate Certificates

Some Math certificate programs may focus on applied mathematics (e.g. applied analysis) which may be related to other mathematical sciences such as[v]:

  • Computer science
  • Actuarial science
  • Scientific computation
  • Mathematical physics
  • Operations research
  • Statistics
  • Mathematical economics

Online Statistics Graduate Certificates

Statistics as an academic field focuses on the collection, analysis, interpretation, presentation and organization of data[vi]. Topics that might be studied could include any of these subjects plus ‘applied statistics’ which includes descriptive statistics and the application of inferential statistics to any number of other disciplines such as[vii]:

  • Business statistics
  • Biostatistics
  • Data science
  • Engineering statistics
  • Computational sociology

FACT: Some people with a degree in statistics or who collect and analyze statistical data may not be formally known as statisticians. Instead, they may work in related fields and professions. In some industries, for example, they may be known as quantitative analysts, market research analysts, data analysts or data scientists. (BLS)[viii]

Take the Next Step

With the far-reaching applications of mathematics and statistics to various professions, if you need to augment or begin graduate studies, you may find that earning a graduate certificate may help you build competency. At the same time, if at a later date you hope to pursue a graduate degree, the work you have done might be considered an investment of time well spent. If the only thing preventing you from taking the next academic step is that you can’t make class on campus, bring the classroom and library to you. Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics and Statistics might take the extra stress of commuting out of the equation while still providing you with the tools and knowledge levels that are required in your intended career.

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