Online Graduate Certificates in Math, Science and Engineering

Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics, Science and Engineering are focused, non-degree programs of study to help students develop specific skills and knowledge in their field. Many programs mirror their on-campus counterparts but make use of web technology to deliver coursework. Some of the shorter programs could entail nine credits, and longer ones might require about eighteen. Since they are not as in-depth as a degree, full-time students might complete the required work in about one a year.

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Why Consider Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics, Science and Engineering?

Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics, Science and Engineering could be the academic answer you're looking for. A certificate can stand on its own as a credential that might freshen up a resume or build expertise. Once completed successfully, the certificate is usually listed on your transcript, as well as the courses you took.

Future Degree: An online graduate certificate in math, science or engineering might be used to prepare for a future degree. Some programs accept applicants with a bachelors degree and so, provide an opportunity to take graduate-level, for credit courses. Once you have successfully completed your certificate, the credits can often be transferred to the related masters program. Other certficate programs are designed for professionals who have a masters or PhD, and experience.

Flexibility: One reason to consider online graduate certificates in mathematics, science and engineering is that you could continue to work as you study to learn new things or gain fresh skills. Distance education is often built for flexibility. You might log into your courses when you can – from wherever you have access to internet. As long as assignments are on time, this format could let you pace yourself.

Focus: Typically, an online graduate

certificate has a narrow focus. This means, you get to zoom in on one aspect of a broader category – whether it is math, science or engineering.

Fill in the Gaps: Many fields that make use of technology evolve. Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics, Science and Engineering could help you fill gaps in your education. You might study new methods or develop the ability to apply current theory to solve problems or analyze today’s trends.

Format: The format for online graduate certificates in mathematics, science and engineering is likely to vary between schools. It might be be fully online and self-paced, or interactive. Some online graduate certificates might allow you to watch classes live, actively take part in classes from afar and even attend lectures on campus where possible. You usually have the same access to faculty, class peers and staff support. More importantly, you typically receive a rigorous, high-quality education and the same diploma earned by residential students.

Types of Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics, Science and Engineering

You can look for Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics, Science and Engineering in any of these categories, as well as their related fields. Biology, statistics, and electrical engineering are some examples. Think of what your goals are. Do you want to teach a STEM subject? Are you a professional driven to learn how to lead others in your field? Do you have extensive knowledge in your field but are now up against new technology that you want to master? Start to seek out an online certificate that aligns with your aims, whatever they are. We have a few examples to give you an idea of the many programs that might be available.

Applied Mathematicians could work with chemists, material scientists and chemical engineers to analyze the effectiveness of new drugs. i

Online Graduate Certificates in Mathematics

An online graduate certificate in mathematics could provide extra depth of studies in math, statistics and/or data analysis. Some programs may be intended to help current teachers build competency to prepare for a state certification or endorsement. Others might help learners develop the ability to apply math theory to solve practical problems in business, engineering, the sciences and other fields. Applicants to some programs may need prerequisite calculus courses and a grasp of matrix algebra. Schools could also ask you to submit a valid teacher license (if this applies), professional references and a statement of purpose. Follow up with individual programs for specifics.

Online Certificate in Applied Statistics   

An online Certificate in Applied Statistics program could explore ways to use statistics to solve practical problems. In a twelve-credit program, students often take a series of core courses and possibly choose a focus area, such as biostatistics or data mining with SAS. In their courses, students could study how to plan, collect and analyze samples of data, as well as estimate ratios. Other courses might cover topics like multivariate analysis, Bayesian methods and spatial statistics. In these, students could study methods to predict outcomes. They might also examine ways to apply analytics and statistics to problems in biological, medical, anthropological, and social research.

Online Graduate Teaching Certificate in Math

An online Graduate Mathematics Certificate may be designed to help students obtain the credentials required by state boards to teach collegiate math courses. Coursework aims to provide a broad comprehension of the field of mathematics through varied topics. A typical program could entail classes in linear algebra, abstract algebra, advanced calculus, real analysis, statistical methods and geometry. At the same time, students could work to enhance their ability to effectively communicate mathematical principles to a variety of learners.

Online Graduate Certificates in Science

An online graduate certificate in science could help students build specific skills and knowledge to design experiments, analyze data, or teach the biological sciences. Most programs narrow in on one field or topic, and these can range from animal sciences and biology to environmental science and public health. Study to cultivate new practical and professional abilities while you gain exposure to recent trends and technologies.

Online Graduate Certificate in Biology

An online post masters Certificate in Sequence Analysis and Genomics tackles a specific subject within biology - the field of bioinformatics. It is designed for scientists with either a masters or PhD in biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology but who lack specific bioinformatics knowledge. In their courses, students could study new DNA sequencing technologies. To fill in potential gaps in previous training, courses are also likely to explore methods to analyze sequence data and genomics.   

Online Graduate Teaching Certificate in Biology

An online graduate Teaching Certificate in Biology could help students work towards state credentials to teach collegiate biology courses. The curriculum may have a two-fold aim. On one hand, it might provide advanced coursework in biological chemistry, cell biology, systems biology, genetics, physiology and microbiology. Also, it may help teachers explain topics in the biological sciences in their classrooms.

Online Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise

An online graduate Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise might explore the ins and outs of how to run a biotechnology organization. This type of programs may be a great fit for those who want to go beyond science and into enterprise. The courses are likely to give students the chance to learn key aspects of this endeavor and cover topics from biotechnology product development to finance, regulatory affair, marketing, bioethics and leadership. Moreover, students can usually choose electives. One of the possible courses could walk students through the steps to help grow a biotech company. In this type of course, students could learn how to prepare a business plan, manage staff, and navigate patents and licenses.

Online Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology Education

An online graduate Certificate in Biotechnology Education program could strengthen current educators’ grasp of content and pedagogic methods in bioscience. Some of the topics that could be discussed might include biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology and bioethics. In their courses, students may be challenged to analyze recent research and to develop tools to assess and engage learners. For those who successfully complete the Certificate in Biotechnology Education, the next step might be to apply some credits toward a master of science in biotechnology. Contact prospective masters programs to see if credits might be transferable.

Online Graduate Certificate in Epidemiology

An online graduate Certificate in Epidemiology program could introduce students to a key science of public health. Epidemiology is used to study health patterns and disease in specific communities or populations. Through a series of courses, students could work to develop a scientific framework that may help them solve problems and think critically about several topics. For instance, one could study how to analyze disease and health-related conditions to define risks in specific groups. Also, students could expand their grasp of the methods used to prevent, control or investigate disease outbreak. Finally, one might  develop the ability to apply research methods (probability, random variation) to data analysis of public health.

Online Graduate Certificate in Public Health

An online graduate Certificate in Public Health could give students the chance to take core courses in public policy, epidemiology and population health sciences. Students might study a variety of issues such as human health hazards, health promotion strategies, and methods of environmental health practice. For their topical electives, students could choose among subjects like investigation of disease outbreaks, food systems and public health informatics. As an advanced certificate, graduate students may be able to take this as a stand-alone program or as part of a master’s, MD, or PhD program. Contact programs for details.

Online Graduate Certificate in Veterinary Sciences

An online graduate certificate in international animal health is likely to explore the diseases that are transmitted between animals, livestock keepers, and the community at large. This type of program could provide key courses in biology, immunology, pathology and epidemiology. Students might study important ways to observe and detect disease, as well as strategies to keep it from spreading.

Online Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Gain insight into the key mathematical and computer science issues involved in the analysis of big data sets by collecting and interpreting large quantities of organizational data to develop effective solutions for distilling the information.

Online Graduate Certificates in Engineering

An online graduate Certificate in Engineering could be planned-out to provide students and current engineers with either a broad or focused skillset, as well as expose them to new technology and tools. Some programs offer a choice of a short (e.g. nine credit) certificate or a longer (e.g. 30-credit) masters degree. Applicants may need a bachelors degree in engineering (or a specific type of engineering), as well as school-specific material. Programs vary.

Online Graduate Certificate in Electrical and Computer Engineering

An online graduate Certificate in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) could narrow its scope to tackle either embedded systems, power electronics or photonics. Students may get to pursue one option through courses and electives. Any of these might complement a degree or rev up a career.

  • Embedded systems are a mix of hardware and software that is designed for a specific function. They sense, compute, and then produce data or output.
  • Power electronics are a key enabling technology in most electronic systems that relate to things like switching techniques.
  • Photonics covers CAD tools, fabrication techniques, LEDs and laser 3D printing.

Online Graduate Certificate in Renewable and Sustainable Energy

An online graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy could provide an in-depth study of the technologies, policies and business areas which form the basis of the renewable and sustainable energy industry. In their program, students could explore about various energy sources, from the conventional ones, like oil, gas, coal, nuclear and hydroelectric to the sustainable sources, such as wind, solar and geothermal. They might also discuss energy policy and the problems or desired outcomes that sustainability addresses. Finally, coursework could look at the business or industry aspect of renewable energy through topics such as energy markets, life cycle analysis and economics.

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