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Students who want to build a portfolio of fresh skills for the digital age could head to campus and study at one of the many Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Advertising Schools.A graduate certificate in marketing, advertising or public relations could infuse a current resume with added credentials and insight. Top Schools with Campus Marketing & Advertising Certificate Degrees*

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Mount Mary College
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Study to build expertise in a discipline you already know or look outside the box to reboot, transition, or launch a career.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Advertising Schools: Overview

Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Advertising Schools may offer their programs as add-ons or options to, masters level programs. This could translate into a shorter trajectory to a credential than it would be for a full master’s degree. At the same time, credits are often transferable, which may keep options for continued education open. Sound like a win-win?

Highly Focused Courses

Advertising and Marketing Certificate programs typically involve just a few highly-focused courses. For instance, one might need to complete from 3 to 6courses on average. One class may equal about 36 hours of instruction. Either way, a full-time student might be able to earn a graduate certificate in about one year, or two semesters. Students may also be able to set their own pace and stretch out the time to completion.

Within the course load, some universities specify the series of courses that students need to take to complete their certificate. But this isn’t always the case. There are grad schools that allow students to select some (or all) courses which really tailors studies to line up with professional needs or personal curiosity.

Application Information

As a general rule, the minimum education required by Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Advertising Schools is a bachelor degree, earned at an accredited college or university. From there, it is up to each school to set its own standards, prerequisites and guidelines. If you have not navigated grad school forms recently, here are a few things to look for.

First off, prospective students may need to fill-out an application for admission to Graduate Study. With their completed form and fee, applicants may need to send official transcripts, and some schools may ask for reference letters, professional resume and even a personal statement. Proof of English language proficiency and other documents may need to be submitted by international applicants.

Second, one may need to pay attention to program application requirements. Certain certificates could be planned-out to provide a novice with a taste (overview) of a topic. Getting the feet wet so to speak. Other programs though might aim to build on existing student strengths. A specific educational background, GPA or other material may be needed.

Again, these criteria vary. A school may have a policy in which a grad certificate might serve as a bridge for students who do not meet minimum GMAT and/or GPA requirements to a counterpart masters program. Scan these sections of a university’s site, and earlier on is preferable, since there are usually deadlines for submission.

About the Campus Format

Are you a ‘people person’? Do you like the idea of being able to meet new people in a face-to-face setting? Would you enjoy the dynamics of live discussions and lectures? Could you grow through real-time group exercises and collaboration? If any of this resonates, a campus-based certificate in marketing or advertising may be perfect for you.

What you may not know, is that today’s universities understand that students who want these features may also have on-going careers, families, and duties. For this reason, class times frequently underscore the needs of at-work participants. Weekends, and evenings are fairly common and may make a new credential more accessible. Plus, with fewer courses, the cost of a certificate could be less than for a full degree.

Upcoming Start Date: January 07, 2019
Part of Sacred Heart University's prestigious John F. Welch College of Business, the Master of Science in Digital Marketing Program fills a growing demand from employers for professionals educated in all aspects of digital marketing. This program covers

EducationDynamics maintains business relationships with the schools it features.

What Types of Marketing and Advertising Certificate Programs Could I Find?

Today’s universities may take a page out of current trends and technologies to provide insight into modern skills for up-to-date practices in marketing, advertising and public relations.

Within each of these main categories, are unique programs which could zero in on one particular aspect of a much larger field. In fact, one might gain a glimpse into the certificate’s point of view by which university department houses it – business or communications for example.

Graduate Certificate in Marketing

Many universities offer marketing certificate programs and in some cases the courses may be applied toward a masters degree such as an MBA. A graduate certificate in marketing may thus appeal to business professionals who want to develop their marketing knowledge and skills in specific areas. New product development, market research, and brand management, for instance.

Students may also gain a deeper grasp of consumer behavior and also, how to leverage that knowledge to the benefit of a firm. More narrowly, topics could relate to revenue generation, market share improvements, cost efficiency, and marketing return on investment.

In tandem, students might develop a keen sense of how decisions that relate to the marketing function of profit and nonprofit organizations are shaped by many factors. Consumer (or business customer) wants/needs, a firm's strategic mission, its resources, competition and micro/macro environments are examples of these influences.

Also, aside from a course in marketing management, students might have some freedom to select electives. Review course plans carefully, but meantime check out the eight sample topics below.

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Product Development and Management
  3. Marketing Research
  4. Advertising Management
  5. Consumer Marketing and Behavior
  6. International Marketing
  7. Contemporary Issues in Marketing
  8. Digital Marketing

Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing certificate programs could help students grasp the finer points of social media, mobile marketing, analytics and more. Participants might choose to pursue a digital marketing certificate on its own, or to pave the way to a longer (e.g. 36 credit) degree such as a Master of Science in Digital Marketing.

Students may gain exposure to topics such as product development, advertising, distribution, research, customer relations and more. Graduates might thus feel more equipped with the interactive, creative expertise and 21st century storytelling skills to engage customers online.

In some curricula, lectures in market analysis may take into account real-world case studies through which students could learn how to evaluate digital marketing strategies. Participants may thus gain a solid foundation in core concepts and tools of digital marketing management while also covering key marketing theories. See below for sample course topics.

  • Marketing Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Applied Topics in Marketing

Graduate Certificate in Public Relations

A Graduate Certificate in Public Relations could enable students to keep pace with current trends and practices. Participants might benefit from the opportunity to build or update their professional credentials for this rapidly changing industry. A public relations certificate might also provide useful course credits towards a Masters in Public Relations or related degree.

Public relations certificate course plans may be planned-out to ready participants with the skills to navigate the latest tools in strategic PR as well as understand strategic planning for communicators. Topics might also expose learners to various theories about how politics and government impact business, technology, and communications. Some potential course material is listed below for example purposes.

  • Strategic Public Relations Principles & Practices
  • Advanced Writing for Communications Professionals
  • Research Methods for Public Relations and Public Affairs Professionals
  • Media Relations in a Digital World
  • Basics of Business and Finance for Public Relations/Public Affairs Professionals
  • Ethics in Public Relations & Public Affairs

Explore Certificate Degree Programs for Marketing & Advertising

Graduate Certificate in Advertising

Advertising certificate programs may help today’s students understand the business and management side of promotions and campaigns. Course plans may highlight the market research industry and how to collect and assess survey data.

Depending on the grad school, students might be able to select topics of possible value to their career trajectory. Things like Art, Copywriting, Print Production, Publishing, and Technical Writing. Alternatively, a course plan may be focused on high-technology and learners may study strategy and corporate culture in high-tech firms. Some of the kinds of courses advertising graduate students might take for their certificate are listed below.

  • Pricing in High-Tech Markets
  • Advertising and Promotion in High-Tech Markets
  • How to Build and Maintain Client Relationships
  • E-business, e-commerce, Internet Marketing

Peek Inside: Marketing and Advertising Certificate Courses

No two Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Advertising Schools offer the same courses, so we suggest taking a look at their course descriptions. In this spirit, we gathered together a general list to help whet your appetite for study at the graduate level. Check to see which topics might infuse your career with fresh ability, confidence and/or insight.

Marketing Management - Students might explore how firms analyze market opportunities; select target markets; develop the marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion); plan; manage; organize and control the marketing resources throughout an enterprise; deal with competition; and extend campaigns into the global marketplace.

Digital Marketing - Students may examine the quickly evolving dynamics of digital marketing. There may be added emphasis on consumer behavior and opportunities. Also to the problems, tactics and strategies associated with the fusion of digital methods and the marketing function. Internet and mobile marketing tools such as search engine marketing, social media, and viral marketing may also be addressed.

Marketing Analytics - Students may discuss how companies assess marketing performance. Generally, marketing analytics is a survey course that could cover a variety of return on investment metrics for marketing investments. It may also introduce students to formulas and ratios used to benchmark customer profitability, product portfolio and the effectiveness of advertising and web spending. Links between finance and marketing may be pointed out.

Marketing Research - Students may learn how to take a managerial approach to market research activities. Marketing research coursework typically aims to help participants apply qualitative and quantitative research information toward marketing decisions. Course material might stress the research process and methods as well as how to analyze and present research findings. offers 2 Campus Marketing & Advertising Certificate Degree Programs

Find Graduate Certificate in Marketing and Advertising Schools with campus programs that are walkable from home or work, in your city or a short commute away.Use filters to first select the subject for your certificate, then key in any preferred location.Easily review your search results then contact partner schools with a quick and easy form.

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