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An Online Marketing Certificate is a convenient way for post-baccalaureate and post-MBA students to refine technical and tactical knowledge of today’s digital business practices. Students who pursue a graduate certificate in marketing online can choose either an in-depth focus on a particular area of marketing such as internet marketing—or a broad exposure to the range of the marketing discipline, depending upon the courses selected. Top Schools with Online Marketing Certificate Degrees*

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Online Marketing Certificate: Overview

While requirements vary and are not “one-size-fits-all” online marketing certificate programs often require post-baccalaureate or post-MBA students to take anywhere from 9 to 18 credits. Because they are brief and target a specific theme, a full-time online student might complete their online marketing courses in from one semester to one year.


Reports show that 4% of market research consultants have a post-baccalaureate certificate.

Applying to Marketing Certificate Programs Online

To apply into graduate schools with online marketing certificate programs, prospective students should first check admission requirements. There are programs built for business and non-business majors alike and each school sets its own standards and guidelines.

Sometimes, students who lack the marketing background may need to begin ‘ahead of the class’ to take the preliminary coursework. This basically affects the duration of study - should this be a concern - and also might mean getting an application in by a set deadline.

For post-baccalaureate online marketing certificate programs, applicants furnish transcripts, completed form and fee. Things such as reference letters, a personal essay and CV or resume are fairly common, as is proof of English literacy for international students. Some schools may also set a minimum GPA, and/or might assess GRE or GMAT scores as well as expect candidates to have some professional work experience.

Post-MBA and post-masters applicants typically send in a copy of their transcripts showing the date the MBA degree was awarded and a copy of their resume. Other admission requirements such as minimum GPA are determined by each grad school.

Types of Online Marketing Graduate Certificate Programs

There are many types of graduate-level online marketing certificates, some of which may provide a generalist’s overview and others, a narrower component of marketing. We go over a few examples below, and suggest searchers thoroughly review course lists from different grad schools.

Online Graduate Certificate in Marketing

A generalized marketing certificate online program might provide both malleability to student interests and fundamental concepts. These are often built to help business professionals develop their marketing knowledge and skills in areas of new product development, market research, and brand management.

Students might therefore learn to master the vital marketing tools needed to craft successful marketing campaigns through effective decisions. Some programs for example, might explore consumer behavior with the goal to help students learn how to leverage insights for the benefit of a firm. How to generate revenue, make market share improvements, and topics such as cost efficiency, and marketing return on investment.

In addition, students might be exposed to fresh marketing strategies. How to select a target market, conduct marketing research, and design product, price, promotional, and distribution strategies through an all-inclusive marketing plan.

While a program of study could vary from one school to the next, a curriculum often melds compulsory courses with student-selected electives. For instance, students might all be required to take a core course in marketing management.

Marketing management is all about how firms analyze market opportunities, select target markets and develop their marketing mix – the 4P’s – product, price, place and promotion. Students could learn from this how to plan, manage, organize and allocate marketing resources, stay competitive and market their brand globally.

Elective topics often deal with marketing practices for a specific context. For instance, a course in international marketing might shine the light on the tools and concepts needed to stay competitive in global markets. The tactics of creating customer value to develop an edge, cultural diversity and pricing strategy as examples.

Sample Online Marketing Courses

Three online marketing courses that may be featured in an online marketing graduate certificate are listed below. These are samples, so remember to refer to university syllabi.

  1. Product Development and Management: students could learn about the product innovation and development cycle and might study techniques to enhance creativity, market research and psychographics
  2. Consumer Behavior: students could learn why consumers behave the way they do in certain purchase scenarios. Emphasis may be given to related behavioral, psychological and motivational theories as well to risk perception
  3. Marketing Research: students might explore the statistical methods and number crunching research that underlies market research activities. Course material could also cover analytical tools and how to present data in an organized report

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Online Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing

An online digital marketing graduate might serve the needs of students who want to broaden their grasp of web-based strategy.

Students who pursue a digital marketing certificate online might delve into market analysis and web analytics in tandem with core concepts such as marketing management. Course plans might cover some of the key concepts and tools of digital marketing management and how to evaluate and employ relevant tactics.

Apart from studying consumer behavior and opportunities, digital marketing courses may get into the sundry problems, processes and strategies associated with fusing digital methods into the marketing function. Internet and mobile marketing tools such as search engine marketing, social media, and viral marketing may be discussed.

Sample Online Digital Marketing Courses

Three sample online marketing courses that may feature prominently on an internet marketing certificate curriculum are provided below.

  1. Web Analytics: students could learn to make sense of the data that comes in from multiple channels. Topics might shed light on KPIs, segmentation, reports, experimentation and more
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): students could learn the basics of key word research, SEO copywriting, site architecture, as well as how to build links and strategize
  3. Landing Page and Conversion Optimization: Students could learn how to get users to a website and then, how to convert (monetize) site traffic

Online Graduate Certificate in Integrated Marketing Communications

An integrated marketing communications (IMC) certificate online program typically addresses social media and ways to streamline and make more consistent their public image.

Some of the topics addressed in an IMC certificate could include the relationship between public relations (PR) and marketing. Students may also be exposed to the history and growth of advertising and PR, public opinion and its role in IMC planning, media relations, research for campaign design, global communication, and crisis management.

Sample IMC Online Courses

Apart from IMC theory, three other courses that might feature on an online certificate curriculum are as follows.

  1. Advertising: students could learn about the strategic thinking and influencers that go into fusing promotional elements to achieve marketing goals. Other aspects might delve into the analysis, plans, actions and performance metrics that go into advertising campaigns
  2. Principles of PR: students might be exposed to PR and its role in mass media and in society and the challenges facing public relations professionals today. In addition, they may learn how to assess PR strategies for strengths and flaws
  3. Persuasion and Public Opinion: students might learn about the dynamics of social influence. They might study communication theories, strategies, and methods of persuasion as a means to shape public opinion and attitudes

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Post-MBA Online Marketing Certificates

Built for the experienced business graduate student who wants to hone key skills, post-MBA online marketing certificates often address advanced, rather than basic, courses. Students may work with an advisor to shape their course plan around areas meaningful to their career trajectory.

Typically, coursework takes a managerial view of the marketing function. Students might learn how to set goals, budget, persuade, and make decisions that harness an ability to lead and think strategically. Two potential areas of strategy include digital marketing and business intelligence.

  1. Advanced Digital Marketing Strategy: students might gain deeper insight into the major digital marketing channels and platforms - Search Engine, Digital Display, Video, Mobile, and Social Media. Further topics could include tools to measure digital marketing efforts and calculate Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. Strategic Marketing Intelligence: students might learn marketing research and analytics methods and tools through hands on projects and case studies. Case studies are often examined to provide students with the opportunity to problem solve in areas that may range from segmentation and pricing to campaign management and brand valuation

Why Earn a Graduate Certificate in Marketing Online?

Built for the at-work adult, an online graduate certificate in marketing might allow students to log into courses on their own time frame. Also, some schools might update content to reflect timely issues. A real-time curriculum might present concepts that could readily be applied into a current marketing career.

Potentially Transferable Credits

In addition, many grad schools offer students the opportunity to transfer earned credits into a related masters or MBA program. In the short-term, graduates of online marketing certificate programs have a stand-alone credential. Long-term, a potentially open door to continued education.

Study When You Are Able

In terms of format, there are many variations. Some schools might use things such as streaming video lessons, downloadable workbooks, and web-based quizzes and tests that are available online.

Prepare for Professional Marketing Certification Exams

Some grad schools may provide coursework that aims to ready graduates to sit for professional certification exams such as Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP).The Professional Researcher Certification (PRC), offered by the Insights Association is another example.

These certifications are voluntary. Nonetheless, they might be regarded as a way to verify things like digital marketing skills, level of education and work experience. If this is one of your goals, touch base with these organizations to see what is required. offers 2 Online Marketing Certificate Degree Programs

Sharpen your toolkit to drive or launch a career with an online marketing certificate. Check out partner schools where you can earn a graduate certificate in marketing online. Then click ‘request info’ to contact schools right away.

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