Maryland Online Graduate Certificates in Public Relations & Advertising

Online Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and Advertising could ready students with the skills and methods to promote products, services and images through modern digital practices. Many course plans encourage participants to apply critical thinking, precise writing, and complex reasoning in tandem with material that may help them grow professionally. Top Schools with Online Advertising & Public Relations Certificate Degrees*

University of Denver
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 6,039+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 11:1
Rowan University
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 2,986+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 18:1
University of Maryland University College
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 12,893+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 22:1

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Why an Online Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and Advertising?

Today’s online Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and Advertising may deliver both short-term and long-term usefulness. Whether this is to provide a new credential for a professional resume or add to a base of knowledge, certificates may be an excellent choice.

  • In some cases, students already enrolled in a Masters program (such as a Master of Strategic Communication) might work towards a certificate to enhance their degree through a focus area, or concentration
  • An advertising or public relations certificate online program might also serve as stand-alone options for those who do not wish to pursue a full Masters degree but do want to take online digital marketing courses or just study at the graduate level
  • An online certificate might appeal to those who already have a Masters degree and want to refine skills and build expertise in their chosen field of study
  • Some grad schools have policies where the credits earned in a certificate could be transferred to a Masters program such as a MS in Digital Marketing or MS in Public Relations


Courses in advertising, business administration, public affairs, public speaking, and creative and technical writing may be helpful to today’s PR Managers, according to the

Short and Focused Programs

While there are variables, many of the PR and advertising certificate programs online require students to complete a range of about 3 to 6 courses. Also, their narrow focus generally expands on a single theme. Because they are shorter than a 36-credit Masters program, full-time students might be able to complete their certificate in as little as ten weeks, or up to one year depending on the actual requirements.

Flexible and Convenient Format

The fact that an online Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and Advertising may provide a flexible alternative to campus programs is another potential draw to this type of graduate program. Whereas on-campus classes are set at regular intervals, online students may be able to log into their course management system at their convenience.

Are they easier? Not really. Students may be exposed to the same program content as their campus counterparts, just in a different format. Completing an online certificate program requires extensive use of a computer with high-speed internet. In most cases, students also need to be comfortable using word processing software, such as Microsoft Word.

One might also need to be at ease with time spent watching recorded lectures unless their program features live-streamed webinars. Also, the virtual classroom might involve some participation in discussion groups with fellow students, as well as using e-mail to correspond with faculty.

Distance learners may also be required to complete tasks, such as homework assignments and tests, on strict deadlines. So, while one might study anytime and from anywhere there is an Internet connection, this accessibility also requires self-discipline, self-motivation and organization.

Earn a Public Relations Certificate Online

An online Graduate Certificate in Public Relations could help students learn to communicate persuasively to reach their target audiences. Participants may also gain the ability to create communication and PR plans with measurable results, as well as develop, manage, and analyze effective media relations practices.

Since several graduate schools may offer public relations certificate programs online, there isn’t a standard or even ‘one-size-fits-all’ curriculum, so make sure to read course lists and descriptions. That stated, PR has a lot to do with how a public image is conveyed, and students may learn at least the basics of how to reach stakeholders, manage a brand identity, and maximize the impact of its reputation.

Given the evolution of the online presence, some programs may also help students learn the strategies needed to connect with influencers, utilize mass media, and leverage social media. At the same time, students may take advanced writing courses to deepen their grasp of the art of persuasion and quality content creation.

Online participants might also appreciate courses that could bolster their ability to research and evaluate audiences as well as assess the value of PR campaigns. Naturally, a lot depends on the courses that each student enrolls in.

Sometimes there are compulsory courses but also, some freedom to select electives. Take a look at 7 sample PR courses below, then browse partner programs to see what is available at the schools on your list.

  1. Advertising Theory
  2. Persuasion and Influence
  3. Marketing Strategy
  4. Professional Writing
  5. Multi-media Presentation Skills
  6. Digital Communications
  7. Image Management

A Few PR Online Course Descriptions

In line with the theme that course lists vary, read through these sample course descriptions as general guidelines, then refer to individual university syllabi.

Writing for PR: Writing-intensive practice of the key skills frequently expected of public relations professionals. Topics might include the basics of effective writing; persuasive, informative, and educational writing. Also, students may be exposed to the diverse types of writing styles used for specific media and targeted publics. This might include a focus on the use of Associated Press (AP) style.

PR Techniques: A course that might discuss audience, message, and channel identification. Topics could include special communication techniques necessary for broadcast and electronic (digital) media.

Crisis Communication Management: Students might learn current ways to define a crisis, oversee and manage client reputations, and communicate to handle a variety of challenges. Coursework might off both traditional and Web-based tactics that are used to analyze a crisis the solutions that could be applied.Participants might also conduct PR research, discuss theory, and may draw on case studies to identify issues, break down target markets and develop strategic public responses to crisis situations.

Global Public Relations: Participants might take a deeper look at the role, function, and influence of PR in a global context. Topics might include worldwide trends and could help students learn how to communicate with diverse cultures and diversity within nations.

Other topics may shed light on national media structures and public policy, and international legal and ethical codes in public relations. Global case studies may be used to develop and implement strategic and creative PR plans.

Explore Advertising Certificate Programs Online

An online Graduate Certificate in Advertising could bridge the gap between traditional marketing which is rapidly changing and today's marketing trends. The latter usually require professionals to be versed in social media, mobile marketing, marketing analytics and more.

For this reason, interested students might search for advertising certificate programs online that delve deeper into digital marketing strategies. These may also provide insight into core concepts and tools of digital marketing management.

Examples of Online Digital Marketing Courses

Students who pursue an online Graduate Certificate in Digital Marketing might study the finer points of market analysis and analytics, in tandem with key marketing concepts. Take a look at 3 sample courses, then refer to individual course lists.

Marketing Management: A course that might explain to students how firms analyze and select market opportunities and target markets. This may help participants define their marketing mix (product, price, place and promotion) as well as understand how to plan, manage, organize and take charge of an enterprise’s marketing resources. Students might also learn how to deal with competition and craft strategy for the global marketplace.

Digital Marketing: As the name suggests, this course usually discusses current practices and dynamics of digital marketing. Emphasis may be placed on consumer behavior and prospects as well as on the challenges, tactics and strategies that may be added through the integration of digital methods into marketing functions. Other topics might delve into internet and mobile marketing tools such as search engine marketing and social media.

Marketing Analytics: A course that might explore the ways companies assess their marketing performance. It might help students learn different return on investment metrics for marketing investments. This course might also introduce students to a set of formulas and ratios used to measure customer profitability, product portfolio mix, and the success of advertising and web spending effectiveness. Links between finance and marketing may be highlighted.

Apply to PR and Advertising Certificate Programs Online

Grad schools with online Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and Advertising programs do not necessarily share all the same admission criteria, though many make it easy to apply online. The following is a list of possible items that may be required in order to begin the application process for some programs. There may be extra actions or materials required for admission to certain programs which should be double checked with each school. It is always preferable to verify application info with prospective schools ahead of time, as many online graduate certificate programs have rolling admissions and the next one may be soon.

  • Completed form and fee
  • Bachelor's degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited institution of higher education
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended
  • Current professional resume
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Writing sample which might include things such as brochures, flyers, professional statements, and any other materials that have been professionally published offers 1 Online Advertising & Public Relations Certificate Degree Programs

Flexible, convenient, and as rigorous as traditional delivery methods, online Graduate Certificate in Public Relations and Advertising may help students take the next step in a digital or PR career. Find the perfect online certificate for you, then use the on-page form to contact partner schools today.

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