Texas Schools for Liberal Arts & Humanities Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Schools for Liberal Arts Certificates enable students to enhance their knowledge through a defined series of courses. As a discipline, the liberal arts include humanities, the social and natural sciences, and the creative arts. Participants typically explore a single topic within a broader category to encourage them to think, innovate and answer questions through in-depth research.

What Are Liberal Arts and Humanities Graduate Certificate Programs?

Individuals who want to study at the graduate level without the commitment of a full degree could find alternatives at graduate schools for Liberal Arts Certificates. A graduate certificate is a non-degree award that usually spans 3 to 4 courses. The shorter course plan typically translates to a time to completion of about one year or less for a full-time student.

Who Might Benefit from a Graduate Certificate?

  • Professionals who want to develop and implement new measures in their field
  • Academics who seek to teach and do research
  • Others who strive for a greater knowledge to enhance their careers

Courses and Curricula

Depending on the university, a graduate certificate’s course plan might include several required courses plus student-selected elective(s). In some cases, students may have to complete some independent research, pass an exam, and/or complete a final project. Essentially, to earn the certificate, all the requirements need to be fulfilled, and these do vary between schools.

Post-Baccalaureate Liberal Arts Certificates

Post-baccalaureate Liberal Arts Certificates are those programs that require applicants to have earned their undergraduate degree in order to enroll. Participants study course material at the Masters level but do not have to complete a full degree.

Should one want to continue on, some universities allow the earned credits to be transferred into a related Masters program on their roster. If this is something that feeds your academic goals, the details and procedures should be verified with the universities on your list.

Post-Masters Liberal Arts Certificates

Post-masters Liberal Arts Certificates are sometimes referred to as "advanced" and typically require applicants to have earned a Masters degree in order to enroll. Alternatively, this type of certificate might be used as a concentration to add emphasis to a graduate degree in progress.

Per O*Net, 6% of Modern Languages Professors have earned a post-master’s certificate.i

Categories of Liberal Arts and Humanities Graduate Certificate Programs

Liberal arts majors offer broad overview of the arts, sciences and humanities and more narrow study in areas such as English Literature, Modern Languages, History, Ethics, Economics, Sociology and Creative Writing.

Area, Ethnic & Cultural Studies Graduate Certificate Programs

A Graduate Certificate in Area, Ethnic & Cultural Studies could focus on a specific ethnographic group and their traditions. In their coursework, students might examine the socially constructed concepts of race and ethnicity through historical factors and impacts of racial stratification. Some of the topics that might be discussed could include enslavement, persecution, economic displacement, starvation, or ethnic cleansing.

Communications & Public Relations Graduate Certificate Programs

Schools with Communications and Public Relations Graduate Certificate Programs might enable students to learn more about journalism, new media or intercultural communication.

Courses may be planned-out to foster a deeper grasp of how to apply communication theory and research to diverse areas. For instance, health promotion, business, public relations, policy and politics, intercultural relations and globalization.

Economics Graduate Certificate Programs 

Depending on the university, a Graduate Certificate in Economics could tackle sustainable development, international economics or business administration. Students could also pursue a certificate to build fundamental skills in order to understand and appreciate economic discussion and analysis.

English Graduate Certificate Programs

A Graduate Certificate in English might help students build skills in technical communication and rhetoric. Alternatively, a TESOL certificate is designed to introduce the student to the central issues in the theory and practice of teaching English to non-native speakers.

History Graduate Certificate Programs 

Students interested in a specific time period or in heritage arts might look into a school for a History Graduate Certificate. For instance, a Certificate in Historic Preservation could introduce students to theory and practices in the fields of cultural heritage and preservation.

Humanities Graduate Certificate Programs

Humanities Graduate Certificate Programs include course plans that explore the expressions of the human mind and help society envision its past, present and future. Students could look for an Advanced Certificate in Classics, Humanitarian Aid, and other related themes.

Languages Graduate Certificate Programs

Language Graduate Certificate Programs might address a foreign language, linguistics or the romance languages. This type of certificate could provide students with the opportunity to travel or study at a graduate school abroad.

Liberal Arts and Sciences Graduate Certificate Programs

Liberal Arts and Sciences Graduate Certificate Programs could explore topics that relate to the natural environment, health professions, computers, math and the social sciences. Students might learn how to find and analyze information and data; adapt to new technology and professional trends.

Literature & Writing Graduate Certificate Programs

A Graduate Certificate in Writing could enhance one’s creative, fiction, nonfiction or academic writing skills. Certificate students might complete a program of study that consists of seminars, workshops and a capstone essay or creative project.

Philosophy and Ethics Graduate Certificate Programs 

A Graduate Certificate in Philosophy and Ethics might discuss a philosopher, philosophy or ethical practice for a specific industry. For example, students enrolled in a Graduate Certificate in Business Ethics program might take courses in corporate and financial ethics.

Women’s Studies Graduate Certificate Programs

A Graduate Certificate in Women's Studies might explore the history of feminist thought, systems of oppression, social identity development, privilege, power, and activism. Students might also want to study female reproductive technology and topics that concern procreation. 

Earn a Liberal Arts Certificate On-Campus

One of the hallmarks of a liberal arts and humanities education is the multi-disciplinary approach and discussion-based format. Frequently, input from various spheres is used to address the issues and concerns of modern humanity. To this point, students who pursue their liberal arts certificate on campus may benefit from access to diverse department facilities and libraries. With this feature could come expanded networks—social and professional. 

Apart from live lectures, students may take part in lively classroom debate with their peers and professors. This method might be a great way to bolster an ability to argue persuasively, engage in constructive dialogue and learn how to form and ask questions. Some of the more creative programs such as English Theatre or Applied Shakespeare might provide ample opportunity for students to meld performance with scholarship.

Application Information

It is important to keep in mind that each school sets standards and procedures. One might have to apply to the graduate school or, directly to the program. Aside from transcripts, a university could ask for a minimum GPA (E.g. 3.0 on a 4.0 scale). A personal essay, resume, letters, and sample of writing are examples of other material that may need to accompany an application form.

Apply to Graduate Schools for Liberal Arts Certificates

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