California Graduate Programs in Security Management

Considering a graduate security management degree program? Do you have an interest in helping people and a knack for assessing advances in computer technology? Do you want to develop your understanding of the increasingly complex interconnected nature of cyber security, and use your skills to find solutions and build data infrastructure systems? A graduate degree in Security Management could be the right step forward as you look to deepen your tech skillset and focus on this area of security that is bound to become more and more relevant to us all in the 22nd century.

Nearly every other month the news highlights the latest breach of security for a major retail organization – if only their employees had studied safety and security degree program more closely! Every organization – from retail outlets and department stores to banks and hospitals – now has access to tons of sensitive data and they need people like you to pursue degrees in security management to help them protect this information. There is a clear need for software applications, high tech networks of information, and people who know how to make sense of it all – that’s where you come in!

Narrow down your search for graduate programs in Security Management and take the next step in learning more about a degree specializations like Master of Science in Information Security Management (MSISM), or Master's in Global Homeland Security degrees, Homeland Security Policy and Phd in Coordination, Cybersecurity Concentration, or many others that you can find right here in this directory of graduate degree information. Each could lead to the following exciting career:

  • Diplomatic security officials who work to protect high ranking officials and other officials from security breaches
  • A homeland security product officer who helps create the technology used to protect organizations and individuals
  • An intelligence officer who collects the relevant data, analyzes it, and uses it to help find crucial preventative measures that can help prevent cyber attacks

Build upon your tech knowledge and put yourself to work on figuring out solutions to complex security issues – with degree in security management you could find yourself protecting your neighbors from hackers or helping fight terrorism. Enrolling in a security management degree could help you reach your full potential.

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