International Business Certificate Degrees & Graduate Programs in Arizona

What type of work could a person with a certificate in international business do?

Those who have a certificate in international business may be able to work in a range of industries, including business, hospitality, retail, marketing, and management, depending often on the types of courses taken.

What type of electives may be available in a certificate in international business?

Those completing an international business certificate program may take electives such as advanced financial accounting, global workforce management, international marketing, and international finance, depending on what the school offers.

Is a foreign language needed for an international business certification?

Some schools make foreign language a component of their international business certificate programs, though that is not always the case. In some situations, students may need to have some foreign language education as a prerequisite.

Popular Schools with International Business Graduate Certifications in Arizona

ProgramInstitutionDegree Awarded
Online Executive Certificate in Global LeadershipThunderbird School of Global ManagementN/A

Top Salary for International Business in Arizona

Top Occupations with the Highest Salary in Business, Professional, Labor, Political, and Similar Organizations
OccupationAverage SalaryEmployment
Chief Executives$141,370110
Computer and Information Systems Managers$95,52030
General and Operations Managers$89,600440
Financial Managers$89,45060
Administrative Services Managers$86,11090
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers$81,94070
Managers, All Other$68,050

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Interested in an online international business graduate certificate? offers 1 Graduate Schools with Certifications in International Business Degrees in Arizona

  • Thunderbird School of Global Management