Online Graduate Certificates in Health and Medicine

Online Healthcare Certificate programs are designed for busy adults, current students, and professionals who want a short-term, highly focused educational experience. Many graduate certificates in health and medicine require completion of about five courses. This means, a full-time student might be able to earn their certificate in about one year or less.

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Why Consider Online Healthcare Certificate Programs?

An online healthcare certificate may help students acquire a knowledge base that is applicable to current demands in their chosen fields. Plus, coursework is accessed directly through the internet. Consequently, it may enable students to balance possible career advancement with work and lifestyle duties.

24/7 Access

You have the drive to learn new skills and enhance your resume, but how do you fit all that studying in? Many online graduate schools offer 24/7 access to courses. As a result, you can study at your convenience – early in the morning, late at night, or on the weekends – to meet your assignment and learning deadlines.

Connect with Other Professionals

An online education may extend beyond the virtual classroom. You might study on your own, but your program may entail collaboration and engagement with other learners. This is often done via online discussion boards where participants leave feedback.

Also, when a traditional graduate school offers healthcare certificate programs online, students may decide to take part in some on-campus activities as well.

Student Support

Students who pursue their healthcare certificate online usually have access to a 24/7 technology help desk. Other possible student support services might include an online orientation or tutorial. This is to familiarize students with the way their learning management system works. Also, the school might provide how-to videos,

online libraries, and advisors.  

Prepare for Continued Education

Many online healthcare certificate programs offer courses from a full masters degree in that field. What this means is that students may get a head start on their degree by taking the certificate courses. In some schools, the credits are transferrable. Or, as a stand-alone program, the certificate provides a credential that may be featured on a resume.  


Do you want to diversify your skills or branch out into new territory? These are possibilities when you take courses that address any career changes you have in mind. For instance, perhaps you are a manager who wants to learn how to run a retirement community. An Elder Care Management Certificate might examine some of the policies and politics involved in this field.


Certificate programs typically require less time and coursework than a degree program.

Conduct Fieldwork Locally

Some online healthcare certificate programs, such as an online Nurse Educator program mixes fully online classes with supervised field experiences. Students may be able to conduct their practicum locally, at an approved site.

Types of Online Healthcare Certificates

Some online healthcare certificates are available for students who have their bachelors degree and fulfill the admission requirements of their future graduate school. Other programs may be offered as post-masters certificates, and may require some work history in addition to a masters degree.

Online Graduate Certificate in Bioethics

An online graduate certificate in bioethics may help current health care professionals prepare to deal with some of the ethical issues that arise within the health care system.

This type of program may consist of online on-site courses. Students may be able to take courses Clinical Ethics, Law and Bioethics online. However, they may have to visit their campus to take their capstone. For instance, taking part in competency-based interview and discussion scenarios might be a requirement. This hands-on aspect might provide some practice through simulations with patients.

Online Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology Enterprise

An online Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology enterprise might help students with their bachelors degree on two fronts. For one, it might provide a solid grasp of the commercial aspects of running a biotechnology organization. Courses are likely to cover biotechnology product development, finance, and marketing. Also, students who did want to continue their studies might be able to transfer credits to a Masters in Biotechnology program.

Online Graduate Certificate in Food Safety and Defense

The online food safety and defense graduate certificate may provide advanced education and skills in the food science industry. It may be suitable for food scientists and others who hope to jumpstart a career in the field and explore a diverse range of food science topics.

Aside from an overview of food safety and security, courses might cover microbiology and foodborne toxicants (or manmade toxins). 

Online Graduate Certificate in Elder Care Management

An online graduate certificate in elder care management program provides a birds-eye view into health management for seniors. Students may explore topics such as marketing, finance, and issues related to aging in American society. 

Online Nursing Graduate Certificates

Online Post-Masters Nursing Certificates allow current nurses to enhance their skills and knowledge. Advanced post-master’s certificate programs are usually designed for students who already have their Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) and Masters in Nursing (MSN). They tend to provide an educational route that highlights an area other than the emphasis in their master’s program.

So, if you are someone who wants to strengthen your capacity as an administrator or clinical nurse, for example, or are in the process of transitioning from one role to another, a certificate may be worth considering. 

  • Adult Gerontology: An online graduate certificate in Adult Gerontology shows nurses how to provide appropriate care for the elderly patient. Courses generally cover theory as well as diagnostic and treatment skills.
  • Family Nurse Practitioner: An online graduate certificate in Primary Care might prepare nurses to deliver care across the patient's lifespan. Courses might cover topics such as advanced health status assessment, pathophysiology, and pharmacology.
  • Nurse Educator: An online Nurse Educator Post-Graduate Certificate program focuses on helping current nurses prepare to pursue a career in mentoring and education of other nurses. Students may explore instructional method design course to be able to meet the needs of various learners. Courses might also cover how to develop lesson plans and evaluate student performance.

Find Accredited Healthcare Certificate Programs Online

Online healthcare certificate programs may be available at regionally accredited universities. Also, some individual programs have an extra stamp of approval from professional accreditors.

These are discipline-specific. For instance, you might find some APRN Post Graduate Certificate programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

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