Boston Online Graduate Certificates in Fine Arts and Design

Fine Arts and Design Online Graduate Certificates could enable at-work students to conveniently deepen artistic skills and develop professionally. Through a few, highly focused courses, graduates could earn a stand-on-its own credential to refresh a resume and portfolio. Or, use the earned credits and extra knowledge to prepare for a future Masters or MFA degree program.

Types of Fine Arts and Design Online Graduate Certificates

Fine Arts and Design Online Graduate Certificates span traditional and contemporary modalities. Disciplines in the Fine Arts include painting, sculpture, architecture, music and performance arts, though the latter are not often available online.

Students could also look for online certificate programs that bridge art with digital technology. These might provide instruction in design software to enable participants to advance their technical proficiency.

Apart from technique, some course content may be devoted to theory. Students may work on independent projects or written assignments which may be assessed. These requirements could allow students to build graduate-level skills. For instance, an ability to conduct research, think critically, problem solve and use heightened creativity across a full spectrum of interactive media.

The number of visual and performing arts graduates in the workforce has been growing at a rate of 5.13% from 1.82M in 2014 to 1.91M in 2015.i

Fashion, Retail and Merchandising Online Certificate Programs

Online fashion certificate programs could delve into basic business practices in the context of fashion and design. Potential topics of study could include consumer behavior and fashion merchandising. A course in textiles might discuss key design and manufacture components of textile, apparel and accessories.

Fine Art Online Certificate Programs

An online graduate

certificate in fine art could encourage students to develop their skills and experience in drawing, painting and design. Participants might gain new visual arts techniques through concepts such as line, mass, form, perspective, value, color theory, and composition.

Graphic Design and Multimedia Online Certificate Programs

An online graphic design certificate could focus on courses in software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Students might discover new techniques for creating digital images, illustrations, and layouts. As well, some of the fundamental concepts in color, typography, and composition could be explored.

Industrial Design Online Certificate Programs

An online industrial design certificate could have participants study the intersection of culture, technology, and business. Students might learn about product development and how to manage a supply chain.

Interior Design Online Certificate Programs

An online interior design certificate could cover essentials of space planning, color theory and drafting. Students might tailor their studies with a course on residential interiors, antiques connoisseurship or one- and two-point perspective drawing.

Media Arts Online Graduate Certificate Programs

An online graduate certificate in media arts could meld art with innovation and digital technology. For instance, students might take a focused course plan in desktop publishing to build a portfolio of computer graphics for digital media platforms.

Museum Studies Online Graduate Certificate Programs

An online museum studies certificate may add expertise onto a Master of Arts in Museum Studies degree program or one that is similar. In addition to coursework, students may be required to undertake a customized internship and a supervised research paper.

Coursework could be highly focused, as in the case of an online digital curation certificate. In this type of program, students might learn specifics about digital preservation and digital curation practices such as metadata schemas. Practical issues involved in long-term management of digital assets might cover topics such as workflow and strategy.

Photography Online Graduate Certificate Programs

An online photography certificate could provide a basic foundation in the visual language of photography. Students might also learn how to use equipment, software, and production techniques essential for work in the photographic industry. Other certificates might cover digital photography, which could suit the seasoned photographer interested in modern methods.

Web Design and Development Online Graduate Certificate Programs

An online web design certificate might help students refine skills in the fields of digital design, user-experience design, interactive media and more. Coursework could target areas such as web and mobile application design and development, marketing, advertising and computer application design.

Why Earn a Fine Arts and Design Certificate Online?

Students enrolled in Fine Arts and Design Online Graduate Certificates might learn through a blend of web demonstrations and/or screen sharing. Today’s learning platforms often allow participants to post their work, critique others, communicate with the professor and engage in discussions.

Convenient Coursework

As with campus students, distance learners may need to take note of class schedules and register in advance where appropriate. An online course may be offered during a specific period although it may be asynchronous – log in any time but meet deadlines for projects.

Flexible for At-Work Students

This dynamic format may appeal to students who have access to their own studio, are at-work professionals or just live too far to commute. Online students also be able to complete any internship requirements nearby with minimum disruption to an otherwise busy life. Naturally, this is up to the discretion of the school and program coordinator.

Time Line to Completion

The time it takes to complete a graduate certificate in fine arts and design online varies. Some programs involve more courses or students may choose to study part-time instead of full time. That stated, a full-time student might be able to complete a certificate in one year or even less, and schools may give up to two years for those who need extra time. For more details, contact schools and review options.

Admission Information

Each school defines their standards and processes for admission, though it is not uncommon for an applicant to apply to the graduate school directly. The checklist is usually posted on online certificate programs’ description page.

A minimum Bachelors degree is required for post-baccalaureate certificates. However, for advanced certificates applicants may need to have a graduate degree or be enrolled in a related Masters program. Apart from transcripts and a school-set minimum GPA (E.g. 2.75 to 3.0), applicants may need to submit other material.

  • Portfolio (PDF)
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Personal Essay
  • Resume or CV

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Through carefully structured and tailored Fine Arts and Design Online Graduate Certificates, students might study to hone individuality as they pursue a creative career pathway. Excited to see what is available? Filter results for partner programs by subject, then contact schools directly today. We provide an on-page form to make it quick and easy to get started.


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