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Students interested in earning an online environmental education graduate degree have many options.  Search for online environmental education graduate degrees at the masters, doctorate, and certificate level on

Online environmental education degrees may be a good option for individuals interested in teaching people about the environment and the role that they might play in protecting and appreciating it. 

Students who choose to pursue the graduate degree in environmental education online should be sure to check the accreditation status of the schools they are interested in especially if they hope to pursue a career in the public education system because the environmental education graduate school accreditation status may affect their ability to attain licensure to teach.

Environmental education graduate students in an online program should also be comfortable using computers and other mediated communication channels to communicate and perform coursework. The flexibility of an online environmental education graduate program may suit individuals who are limited by time constraints, familial responsibilities, or geographic location.  

Environmental education graduate programs that are hosted online may be similar in course structure to campus based programs. Some common coursework in an environmental education graduate program might cover topics in environmental program planning and design, educating for sustainability, teaching teachers about the environment, urban environmental education, and citizen participation in sustainable communities, ecology, and environmental science.

Graduates of an online graduate program in environmental education might choose to pursue potential career opportunities in a variety of environments including; public and private schools, state and federal parks, private and

non-profit organizations, and even colleges and universities!

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