Michigan Campus Environmental Education Programs & Graduate Schools

Students interested in earning an environmental education graduate degree in a campus setting have educational options many options. Students in environmental education program might choose to specialize in a variety of disciplines like agricultural education or environmental science. This diversity in environmental programs options are a reflection of the diversity of the earth’s environment.

Students might want to earn a campus based environmental education degree if they are passionate about teaching people about the environment and the role that they might play in protecting and appreciating it. 

Campus based environmental education graduate degree programs might include coursework in subjects like environmental policy, environmental science, economics, community planning, conservation biology, learning development theory, and ecosystems.

Students in an environmental education program who wish to pursue potential career opportunities as classroom teachers may have to complete some practicum work and take a licensure exam in the state in which they wish to teach. Some programs may require this of all students in the environmental education program; others may have different options for individuals with different career goals. 

Graduates a campus based environmental education program might choose to pursue potential career opportunities in a variety of environments including; public and private schools, state and federal parks, private and non-profit organizations, and even colleges and universities!

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