Agriculture Graduate Certificate Programs

Graduate Certificates in Agriculture, while not as common as Masters in Agriculture, may be available through some graduate schools. Agricultural Grad Certificates usually target a slice of the larger agricultural discussion. While non-degree awards, students might enter a certificate program to enhance administrative ability or to learn a trade-related skill.

What Type of Agricultural Science Graduate Certificates are there?

There are several agricultural science graduate certificates, including those in:

  1. Animal Science (E.g. equine studies)
  2. Horticulture (cultivation of fruits, vegetables and crops)
  3. Agricultural Engineering (systems and machines)
  4. Agronomy (soil management and plant breeding)
  5. Agricultural Economics (the business of farming)

How long is an agricultural science certificate program?

At the graduate level, an agricultural science certificate program may take two years to complete. Students may be able to complete the degree sooner than this depending on their previous education and skills.

What does a student learn in an agricultural certificate graduate degree program?

Completing a graduate certificate in agricultural science may help students gain additional skills and knowledge in technology, innovation, and application of agriculture in modern service. Students may be able to choose a specific focus to meet their goals and needs, such as engineering, animal science, or agricultural economics.

Popular schools with Agriculture Graduate Certificate Programs

ProgramInstitutionDegree Awarded
Food Production Management – CertificateUniversity of NottinghamN/A offers 1 Graduate Schools with Agriculture Graduate Certificates

  • University of Nottingham