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Are you interested in earning a graduate certificate in school psychology? Researching traditional on-campus school psychology graduate programs to earn a post-master’s certificate or specialist degree? If you study best in the traditional classroom, value the community atmosphere of the brick-and-mortar campus, and are motivated to earn a graduate certificate to jumpstart or enhance your career in school psychology, you may be able to find the perfect on-campus school psychology graduate certificate program.

Choosing Your Perfect On-Campus School Psychology Graduate Certificate Program

Whether you want to earn a school psychology graduate certificate because the education is desired by potential employers, or whether you want to expand your expertise and enhance an existing career, attending a school psychology graduate certificate program may have a number of advantages.

School psychology graduate certificate programs on traditional campuses may allow participants to become a vital part of a campus community, taking advantage of social and networking options with peers and classmates, and interacting directly with professors and faculty both in and out of the classroom. You may be able to take advantage of campus facilities such as the library, gym, technology labs, and more, as well as academic support and career planning services that may be available. All this in addition to the stability of courses in a traditional classroom.

But once you have decided to look for a campus-based school psychology graduate certificate program, how do you know you have found the right program? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Does the location work for you? Especially if you are balancing your professional life with your education, it may be important to you to attend a program a commutable distance from home or work.
  • Does the program focus on your
  • preferred topics? You may be interested in working with a specific population, age group, or disability type, or in learning more about a specific function of your job as a school psychologist. Many certificates may be focused on specific concentrations, making it possible for you to choose a certificate in school psychology program tailored to your specific needs.
  • Are you looking for a certificate in school psychology program to meet certain prerequisites? If you are looking for a school psychology graduate certificate program to meet requirements for licensure, certification, or some other goal, you may wish to look at programs that meet those necessary requirements by length, credit hours, or topic as necessary.

Whatever your particular needs and preferences are, you may be able to find the perfect school psychology graduate certificate for you.

Certificate in School Psychology Program Options

Once you have decided to pursue an on-campus graduate certificate in school psychology, you may find yourself having to choose between a number of different types of certificates. Many graduate programs offering certificates may focus on specific concentration areas, meaning the various programs may vary individually depending on the focus and the nature of the school issuing the certificate. However, there are several different types you are likely to see.

While some certificates may be oriented toward those holding only a bachelor’s degree, many school psychology graduate certificates may be post-master’s in nature, meaning they may be designed for those who have already earned a master’s degree in school psychology or a related field. However, many post-master’s certificates may also be offered continuously in conjunction with a master’s program, allowing those who still need to earn their master’s to complete both in a single program. These continuous programs may be good for those who want to jumpstart a new career but who need to complete sufficient post-master’s education as a prerequisite.

Whether you are interested in a new career or enhancing an existing one with deeper expertise in your field, you may be able to find the graduate certificate program that works best for you.

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