Connecticut Education Graduate Certificate On-Campus Programs

Education Graduate Certificate On-Campus Programs offer educators the opportunity to obtain credentials that may be used as professional preparation to teach a specific subject or to a targeted learning group. Whether you are seeking professional preparation or to apply your credits towards a master’s degree in education, a graduate certificate in education may pave the way for exciting new career opportunities. If you are interested in studying with your colleagues, attending graduate school is well worth considering.

Education Graduate Certificate Campus Programs: Essentials

Available as post-baccalaureate and post-master’s levels, Education Graduate Certificate Programs offer current educators the opportunity to receive short-term and focused teaching skills. Typically 1 to 2 year programs and consisting of between 9 and 21 credits, these ‘add-on’ graduate programs are designed for already certified teachers holding their Bachelor’s degree in Education. Certificates may be taken as stand-alone programs or incorporated into graduate study.

Some graduate students may be enrolled in a Master’s or Doctorate degree alongside of a graduate certificate in education program; credits can often be applied towards the graduate degree. In Fact some education graduate schools allow students to combine different certificates to earn their Masters in Education degree.

DID YOU KNOW? 73% of Education Specialists hold a master’s degree, 20% have a post-master’s certificate & 4% have a post-baccalaureate certificate (O’net)[i]

Not to be confused with teacher certification, graduate certificates are intended to help educators update their proficiency in a theme to potentially advance a teaching career - some states require teachers to earn a master’s degree after earning their teaching certification.[ii]

Why Consider a Campus-based Graduate Certificate Program?

Chances are if you are considering a Graduate Certificate in Education, you are hoping to encourage and inspire a specific student population to learn in meaningful, relevant ways. Being able to take classes in a social learning environment gives you the chance to interact with your classmates and professors in a way that online study does not. But with such a draw towards online study, what are some of the reasons to choose an in-person Education Graduate Certificate Program?

  • Many graduate schools actually cater to working professionals in that courses may be offered evenings or weekends. 
  • The face-to face component allows you the opportunity to learn to read facial expressions and body languages as well as how to project your voice or communicate effectively. In fact, many online programs include an in-person component for these reasons.
  • Access to facilities (libraries, laboratories, campus cafeteria, onsite student services)
  • Some programs require demonstrations and teach technical skills or human-centered protocols (e.g. school counseling)
  • Potential opportunity to work as graduate teaching assistant at your teaching college or university[iii]

FACT: Very advanced communication and organizational skills are required for roles such as Instructional Coordinator, Education Specialist and School Standards Coach[iv]

Types of Graduate Certificate Programs in Education

Searching for an Education Graduate Certificate is easy on If location is a determining factor, remember that you can use the location tabs to enter the city, state or country where you prefer to attend grad school. Otherwise, pinpoint the right program for you by reviewing our extensive directory.

Education Graduate Certificates by Specialty Subject

Are you interested in learning how to teach to a specific student population? If so, look for graduate schools with Education Graduate Certificate programs in:

  • Adult Education
  • Early Childhood Education
  • General Education
  • Higher Education
  • International Education
  • K-12 Education
  • Elementary Education
  • Secondary Education
  • Special & Gifted Education
  • Education of the Deaf
  • Education of the Gifted
  • Special Education

Are you interested in acquiring teaching skills in a specific subject? If so, look for graduate schools with Education Graduate Certificate programs in:

  • Physical & Coaching Education
  • Reading & Literacy
  • Teaching Art
  • Teaching English
  • Teaching Foreign Language
  • Teaching Math
  • Teaching Music
  • Teaching Science
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Environmental Education

Are you interested in acquiring leadership or administrative skills? If so, look for graduate schools with Education Graduate Certificate programs in:

Are you interested in a more counseling-oriented role? If so, look for graduate schools with Education Graduate Certificate programs in:

Take the Next Step

In-person learning is more than just attending classes. It means potentially picking up valuable observational, team building, and classroom management and communication skills.  With a significant population of current teachers facing retirement and schools reporting a shortage of teachers with advanced qualifications[v] now may be the right time to take that next step. Find a graduate school with the education grad certificate program that aligns with your ambitions today!

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