Certificate in Education, Technology & Online Learning in Nashville

Certificate in Education, Technology & Online Learning

Educators interested in earning advanced teaching credentials in Nashville might benefit from a Certificate in Education, Technology, & Online Learning program. Courses in instructional technology, distance learning, virtual classrooms, or digital teaching tools might be available in a graduate certificate program in education, technology, & online learning in Nashville. Students completing an educational path through this certificate may learn how to incorporate innovation and creativity in their classroom. The focus of these certificate programs is often to help teachers gain skills in developing technologies. It may also help integrate current technology associated with a specific field or industry into core curriculum taught by the teacher. This is usually a graduate certificate program. It often the specific goal of helping schools and teachers keep up with new tech innovations.

Who Should Complete the Certificate in Education Technology and Online Learning?

This certificate degree may offer insight beneficial to current educators. It could also be helpful to those with a graduate degree in another area who wish to enter the educational technology industry. Those completing the program may be in any level of education. Some certificate programs may offer a focus on K-12 education. Any student who wishes to learn how to improve tech skills to help their own students to learn in an online environment may find this program helpful. Some schools may have admission requirements. This may include a minimum GPA for undergraduate work. It may also require a minimum on graduate level work for students with a master’s degree. The program may also require official transcriptions, statements of interest, letters of recommendation, and specific course prerequisites. Most often, this program may be available to students with a completed bachelor’s degree. Other routes to taking this course may be available based on the specific university’s requirements.

What May a Student Learn in These Certificate Programs?

Programs may differ in what they teach. Some of the components students may learn include:
  • Managing distance education environments
  • Instructional design courses for online education
  • K-12 teaching with technology
  • Online teaching and learning
  • Technology and diversity
  • Foundations of educational technology and online learning
Many schools may have a specific set of courses to complete to achieve this certificate. It is a non-degree program. There are few ways to focus this degree. Students often must complete the list of assignments to be eligible for the certificate. Certificate programs may differ. Some may require about 9 to 12 credit hours of study to complete them. Other schools may require students to complete three courses regardless of credit hours.

What Is the Goal of Taking and Completing This Certificate?

Completing this certificate in education technology and online learning may help some students serve the community better. It may help prepare educators to integrate developing and current technologies into the educational environment. This may help them to prepare schools to provide more access to technology in the classroom. It may also be helpful to those who wish to teach in an online environment for a school district or other provider. Another avenue for this degree program may be to help businesses to develop systems related to online education within their workforce. This may help companies who provide education to employees to have a means to do so using more advanced technologies. Students may wish to take this course for other reasons. The information provided in the course aims to teach new technologies as they are available. Over time, those technologies may change due to the rapid expansion in some areas of technology. For that reason, some students may benefit from taking this course more than one time over their educational careers (or taking others to support further education in the area).

Education Technology and Online Learning Certificates

Current educators may wish to complete a certificate in education technology and online learning to provide their students with access to new technology in the classroom.
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