Online Counseling Psychology Certificate Graduate Programs

Types of Online Counseling Psychology Graduate Certificates

Within the framework of counseling, students can choose an online certificate in a variety of concentration areas. These might include art therapy, behavioral counseling, motivational counseling, substance abuse counseling, career counseling, adolescent counseling, family and marriage counseling, among others.

Sometimes referred to as “post-master’s” certificates, some online counseling psychology certificate programs are intended for students who already hold a master’s degree but require additional graduate credits in order to be eligible for the credential Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in certain states. Usually students need to successfully complete 60 graduate semester hours within which they may need to have credits in several designated areas. Graduate Certificate programs vary but typically are 9-30 credit hours.  Some common names for Counseling Certificate Programs include:

  • Professional Counseling Certificate Online
  • Online Addiction Studies Certificate
  • Drug Abuse Counselor Training Online
  • Online Certificate in Mental Health Counseling
  • Online School Counseling certificate programs
  • Post Master's Counseling Psychology Certificate Online

Top 24 Online Counseling Psychology Graduate Programs

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