Online Graduate Certificate Programs in Business

Online business certificate programs are non-degree awards that may provide relevant knowledge in a focused course of study at a faster pace than a full degree. Often, a graduate certificate targets about 12 credit hours and may take less than one year to complete. These thematic courses often help students to develop and build expertise in an area of emphasis.

Why Consider Online Business Certificate Programs?

Many online business certificate programs help individuals build on their undergraduate degree, enhance graduate study, and increase professional skills. And, for students who want to pursue advanced study but can’t commit to a full graduate degree program, an online business certificate may offer the ideal solution. Online Business Certificate Programs Information

Expand Your Professional Portfolio

As a stand-alone credential, an online business certificate graduate certificate may appeal to students who want to expand their professional portfolio. For example, the courses may foster new insights that might be applied in your current workplace right away. Or, they might give you a competitive edge in the job market.

Apply Certificate Credits to Your Degree

In many cases, students can apply credit received for certificate courses toward a related graduate degree. This is because each certificate program is comprised of Masters-level courses, so you can usually apply the credits you earn to a degree program in the same area. For example, an online graduate certificate in business administration provides an opportunity for students to gain basic business insight without having to participate in a full MBA program.

Complement a Masters Degree

Students who hold a Masters degree might consider an advanced graduate certificate program. Some programs, such as accounting, project management, human resource management and taxation, may be aligned with industry standards. These online business certificate programs may help students refresh their current skills to meet continued education requisites. Also, they provide a great resource for those who want to deepen a grasp of one aspect of a larger topic.

Take Advanced Courses

Graduate certificate students take part in the same classes as master’s degree students. This means they usually must meet the same admission requirements. These are bound to vary, as there are programs designed for non-business students who do not have a Bachelors degree in Business but want an overview of graduate level business practices. Equally, there are graduate certificates that are designed for students who have a specific background and or work history in the content area.
DID YOU KNOW? According to O*NET, 19% of Corporate Sustainability Officers hold a graduate certificate.

Access Courses Easily

Online business certificate programs may feature frequent start dates and make it convenient to schedule your courses. Plus, many programs provide 24/7 access to courses with no set log in times although you may have assignment deadlines.

Tap into University Resources

Online students often get to make use of their university’s academic resources like tutors, as well as career services and resume help. In addition, may schools have online libraries with research databases and or take part in inter-library loan systems.

What Kind of Online Business Certificate Can I Pursue Online?

Business is a broad field with many areas that may be targeted for a certificate. In fact, in some universities, MS and MBA students may have the option to use electives to earn a graduate certificate. The kind of certificate you pursue should reflect your personal and professional goals.

Online Graduate Certificate in Accounting

Students who earn an online Certificate of Graduate Studies in Taxation may take about 12 credits (e.g. 9 credits of core topics plus one 3-credit elective). Students may explore key concepts in professional tax practice, federal income tax and multi-jurisdictional taxation.

Online Business Administration Graduate Certificate

An online Graduate Certificate in Business Administration may expose students to a five-course sequence of core business classes. These might include accounting, finance, operations, management theory and marketing.

Online Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics

Some universities may offer an online Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics. This type of program might consist a few courses that focus on the integration of business analytics into an enterprise.

Online Graduate Certificate in Economics

An online Post-Master’s Certificate in Quantitative Methods in Applied Economics is designed for those who hold a master’s degree in Economics or in Statistics, and who wish to broaden or update their knowledge. Coursework may include econometrics, analysis and forecasts.

Online Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management

Management students who want to refine their negotiation and personnel skills might do so through an online Graduate Certificate in Conflict Management or Human Resource Management. This type of program might entail about 15 credits and may take about 9 months to complete. Students may explore topics such as employment law, talent acquisition and HR strategy.

Online Graduate Certificate in Marketing & Advertising

Marketing professionals who want ta broad overview of integrated marketing communications might consider an online IMC Certificate. Whereas a full degree might entail about 33 credits, the certificate may require 15 credits. At the same time, students gain practical and experiential know-how in topics such as social media, PR and creative strategy. Or, as an alternative, look for a highly-focused program such as an online Merchandising Graduate Certificate. This type of program might be right for a professional in a retail-related field such as apparel design. [gs_featured_content_tokens:program_filters_container]

Online Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

An Online Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management may provide specific managerial skills for leadership within the nonprofit sector. Students may be able to tailor their certificate courses to a specific interest such as philanthropy, human service policy or fiscal management.

Online Graduate Certificate in Project Management

Students who want to add onto a current resume might consider an online Graduate Certificate in Project Management. This type of program may entail about 12 credits and may suit students who seek a deeper insight into how to manage large and complex projects. Since some accredited universities are Project Management Institute (PMI)® Registered Education Providers (R.E.P), a certificate of this nature may provide an industry respected credential.

Online Graduate Certificate in Sport Leadership

An online Graduate Certificate in Sport Leadership may be intended for working professionals to want to focus on current and future trends in the industry. This type of program may entail 9 credits of core courses along with 6 credits of electives. As a result, students may tailor their studies to mirror a specific area of interest such as sport hospitality, sport sponsorship or sport facilities management.

Do Accredited Schools Offer Online Business Certificates?

Many regionally accredited universities offer online business certificates. You can also look for programs that are professionally approved by outside agencies such as the AACSB or PMI.

Take the Next Step with our List of 19 Online Business Certificates

Online Graduate Certificate students come from various backgrounds. Many are full time professionals who seek a stand-alone credential for potential career advancement, with the bonus of transferable hours that might count as credit toward a graduate degree. Others may be degree-seeking graduate students who want to add a special notation of certificate completion to their transcripts.

Whatever your goals, an online business certificate may provide an alternative to a campus program. Don’t be shy, reaching out to more than one school about their online certificate in business may increase your chances of achieving your goal.

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