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Business Certificate schools provide short term, targeted courses for business and non-business graduate students. While each school has its own requisites, some programs may suit students who hold a Masters degree. Others, may be designed for students who hold a Bachelors degree, although not necessarily a Bachelors in Business.

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Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 10,021+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 15:1
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - N/A
Student / Teacher Ratio - N/A
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 5,293+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 14:1
Format / Location - Online
Total Enrollments - 4,160+
Student / Teacher Ratio - 26:1

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Earn a Useful Credential

While graduates do not earn a full degree through a business certificate program, upon completion, they are awarded a diploma. This credential may enhance a resume as well as serve as a basis for a graduate degree. To this end, often the course credits are transferable.

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Build Skills & Knowledge

A potentially useful award, a graduate certificate in business may help individuals develop skills, build expertise, prepare for a change, or boost a current career. For instance, learn to manage projects from start to finish, or how to manage the finances of a nonprofit enterprise.

Business certificate schools also provide an opportunity to build interpersonal skills and relationships. Many have student organizations and activities to facilitate networking. Not to mention you'll likely interact and collaborate with peers and professors in class.

Take Advantage of Campus Resources

Business certificate schools often have a variety of resources to support students' studies on campus. These could include libraries, career services, tutors and academic support, and computer labs, just to name a few. Some schools may also have relationships with local businesses and organizations. This could be especially useful when looking for internships or jumpstarting a business career.

Prepare for a Graduate Degree

Schools that offer business cerifications offer a course of study that is called a concentration, when part of a full Masters degree, or a certificate when pursued on its own. To that end, you can earn a general graduate certificate in business or business management certificate. Or, you can choose an area of emphasis such as accounting or human resources and make that the focal point of your certificate.

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