Oklahoma Graduate Certificate in Business Administration Hybrid Programs

Why Consider Hybrid Graduate Certificate in Business Administration Programs?

Hybrid graduate certificate in business administration programs offer an approach that blends online and on campus courses. This flexibility might be very appealing to students who need to balance work and/or family while still working to achieve academic goals. Online courses are usually taken via a virtual classroom so working professionals may maintain their full-time jobs while completing their program. Scheduled visits to campus add value as students get to interact, collaborate and get face-to-face time with professors.

Essentials of Hybrid Graduate Certificate in Business Administration Programs

Sometimes referred to as blended online, a hybrid graduate certificate in business administration program is often designed to cover the general courses of an MBA program. After completing their program requirements, students are awarded an academic accomplishment in the form of a certificate. Some programs may take about a year to complete, depending on whether you attend full-time or part-time, unlike the longer masters in business degrees.

DID YOU KNOW? When asked about their education level, 12% of Administrative Analysts reported having earned a post-baccalaureate certificate.[i]

Potential Admission Requirements: An undergraduate degree is typically required for enrollment into a hybrid graduate certificate program in business administration, although it may be a Bachelors in Business Administration or a non-business degree. Other requirements might include relevant work experience, and/or a minimum score of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). Since programs vary, you are well-served to although you are best served to verify these details with prospective graduate schools.

Gain Fundamental Business Knowledge                     

As a potential

pathway to an MBA, or as add-on business credentials for professionals with no prior business coursework, earning a hybrid graduate certificate in business administration may help students gain valuable business knowledge. Often, by completing the curriculum for the certificate, students will have satisfied the foundation course requirements in the M.B.A. and other master’s programs in business.

Potential Curriculum: Unlike a full degree, a hybrid graduate certificate in business administration program is often designed to give students an advanced business education in just five or six courses (18 to 24 credit hours). Program lengths and course credits vary; sometimes credit requirements may be waived if the equivalent course work has been completed within the time frame set by the graduate school. After completing their graduate certificate in business administration, students may be prepared for professional advancement and higher levels of responsibility. These related programs also sharpen key business skills, and may keep business professionals up to date in terms of current management trends and theories.

Potential Courses: Courses in a graduate certificate program in business administration may cover some of the advanced topics from an MBA program. Students may not be ready for an MBA when they enroll in a business certificate program, however, they might be able to transfer credits earned to a master’s degree program later.

7 potential business administration certificate course topics:

  1. Corporate ethics
  2. Managerial accounting
  3. Managerial finance
  4. Information technology for managers
  5. Marketing and sales strategy
  6. Management theory
  7. Organizational behavior

Develop Skills to Take into a Business Setting

Today’s business manager often must review financial statements, direct staff and monitor administrative services[ii]. On top of that, taking business administration courses through a certificate program might help you gain some of the skills needed by general managers. These proficiencies might include[iii]:

  • Systems analysis and evaluation
  • Time Management
  • Negotiation
  • Persuasion
  • Public speaking
  • Complex problem solving
  • Management of financial resources

About the Hybrid Graduate Certificate in Business Administration Program Format

While each school sets its own format and structure, the appeal of a hybrid graduate certificate in business administration program is the type of learning environment it typically offers.

  • Access to Lectures: In many programs, students might access their pre-recorded or video-taped lectures when their schedule permits, as long as they complete assignments on time. These same lectures may be on-going on campus for students who can commute, or there may be on-campus courses held on a weeknight or weekend which require presence.
  • Interactive Web-based Systems: Some schools use a system such as Blackboard which utilizes a message-board style environment. This allows students the ability to communicate with classmates and professors.

Find Accredited Hybrid Graduate Certificate Programs in Business Administration

In the U.S. accreditation in education helps students identify institutions and professional programs. Some business graduate schools may be regionally accredited and offer business certificate programs accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB). Others may be accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools & Programs (ACBSP) or the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE). To maintain its accredited standing, a school must keep up its standards, so these associations generally have a database with recent information.

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