Jewish Studies Graduate Certificates

If you are drawn to history, the humanities, ethnic and cultural studies, a Jewish Graduate Certificate Program can lead to different career opportunities. A graduate certificate may be a good way to specialize in a particular topic that interests you, expose you to the subject if you are considering further study at the masters or doctoral level or help with a career switch your focus if you are already working, teaching or researching in the field.

Jewish Studies is an academic discipline that is centered on the Jewish culture, religion, language, and history. A Jewish studies graduate certificate may have components of archeology, sociology, languages, political science, and one can certainly focus on related fields as well, such as Holocaust and Genocide research, Israel Studies, Hebrew Language, or Jewish Philosophy and Thought.

Earning your graduate certificate in Jewish studies on campus can give you the opportunity to network with peers with similar interests and enjoy face-to-face interaction and discussions. You can narrow our directory by city, state, or country to find a location that best suits your needs. Earning your graduate certificate in Jewish studies could be a good opportunity to visit Israel as part of your program or complete the entire thing at a school based in Israel.

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