Graduate Study in the States for Canadian Students

Graduate studies in the United States may be the transformative educational experience Canadian Students are looking for.

Find Graduate Programs in the United States

You have given some thought to what you want to study; now is the time to prepare to apply to a masters or doctorate degree program. The common prerequisite for application to graduate school in the U.S. is a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university.

That said, some schools offer a combination bachelor’s/master’s program, and some doctorate programs accept students with an undergraduate degree. You will want to inform yourself of all these prerequisites and processes.

If you are looking to earn your graduate degree in the US,  the States is a potentially great choice for Canadian students! Over 27,000 Canadians studied in the United States as recently as 2015 according to the Open Doors Reporti. In fact, Canada ranks as 5th within the top 25 countries of origin for international students studying in the United States.ii 

Why Canadian Students May Choose Graduate Study in the States

As a Canadian student interested in studying abroad, choosing graduate study in the States could be a great investment in your future. You may want to build upon your years as an undergraduate by gaining knowledge you could apply in the real world. As a future graduate student, consider the United States if:

  • You want to focus on research for a thesis or dissertation
  • You want to potentially prepare for specific professions or careers
  • You want to build social and professional networks
  • You want to interact with professors
  • You want to pursue relevant internships
  • You want to find accredited universities and colleges
  • You want to study abroad without culture shock or changing languages
  • You want access to a specific graduate school’s facilities and resources
  • You want to add an international perspective & experience to your resume You want to earn a graduate degree in a country with excellent higher education standards

Graduate Programs in the U.S. Appeal to Canadian Students

Canadians don’t just choose graduate study in the states for the convenience. Both masters and doctorate programs cater to aspiring and current professionals seeking advanced education. We recommend that you first consider the type of program you are looking for then search for colleges and universities with graduate degrees in that field. For other suggested guidelines on how to navigate the application process, read our tips sheet .

Earn a Business Administration Graduate Degree in the U.S.

Canadian students interested in international business, finance, or management have many options when it comes to graduate study. The United States is known for being highly developed and having the world’s largest economy by nominal GDP.iv With accreditation processes for business schools, consider looking into Master of Business Administration across the border to find 2-year full time or executive MBA programs. Program lengths vary by school.

FACT: There was a 4.8% increase in the number of international students choosing the U.S. for business administration and management from 2013/14 to 2014/15 v

Earn a Fine Arts & Design Graduate Degree in the U.S.

It is not a stretch to say that Canadians and Americans share a love of arts, music, media and culture. To that avail, the U.S. is a popular choice for international students when it comes to a studying architecture and the visual and performing arts. Whether you are interested in a Music Graduate program, a Master of Fine Arts degree program, or a Master of Architecture degree program, many foreign students choose to earn a fine arts and arts degree in the U.S.ix

FACT: Over 56,000 international students chose the United States for education in fine and applied artsx

Earn a STEM Graduate Degree in the U.S.

The United States is a leader in scientific research and technological Whether you are seeking to pursue a Masters in Mathematics, Master of Engineering, Doctor of Computer Science or a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics, you want exposure to modern techniques, current research, and strong academic advising. Choosing a STEM graduate degree program in the United States places you in a country known for being a leader in medical advances, not to mention scientific research papers and impact factor.vii

FACT: Over 112,000 International students chose the United States for Math and Computer Science degrees in 2014/15viii

Earn a Public Affairs & Social Sciences Graduate Degree in the U.S.

Are you interested in earning a Master of Public Administration (MPA), a Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) or a Ph.D. in Economics? Join over 75,000 other international students who are choosing to earn their public affairs and social sciences graduate degrees in the United States.xi Whether you hope to pursue a career across the border or return home to Canada with your knowledge and experience, there are a variety of accredited programs for health administration majors, a behavioral sciences majors and more.


197,258 international students in the United States studied business and management, 196,750 foreign students studied engineering, 112, 950 studied mathematics, statistics and computer and information sciences and 75,951 studied social sciences during the 2014/15 period .iii

Take the Next Step is excited to provide a directory of sponsored listings for masters, professional doctorates and Ph.D. programs at accredited U.S. universities and colleges. Graduate studies in the United States may be just the transformative educational experience you are looking for. Studying abroad could be a confidence booster, a way to deepen your world view, broaden personal and professional contacts, and possibly find an important internship. Think ahead to your future, and join hundreds of other Canadians who are successfully enrolled in graduate study in the States.

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