• Six Ways to Survive an All Nighter in Grad School

    Your professor or supervisor won’t buy the excuse, “Umm, I was up all night so my fuzzed up brain won’t let me do the tasks properly”. What you say won’t make sense to him (much like the previous sentence).

    It may be because you partied all night and had no Cinderella curfew. Or, you had too much to do – or too much to think about. Sleep deprivation is a common problem among college students and many others who have “plenty on their plate”.

    Fear not, Tom Cat! We won’t tell you that you need to drink a whole kettle of tea and insert toothpicks between your lids because those two tricks won’t work (fortunately). In fact, they didn’t work for Tom either.

    Here are 6 ways you can survive an all-nighter:

    1. Avoid a Place Full of Distraction: When you have your bed next to you, a T.V. remote on the table, roommates, family,or your favorite sofa, it becomes really hard to concentrate. Your sleepy head keeps focusing on the things you associate with sleep and comfort.

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