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        These results contain 16 campus & online accredited graduate degree programs & graduate schools in the field of healthcare & public health, subject of communication sciences, specialty of speech pathology at the certificate & doctorate & masters levels in the state of Florida from all types of institutions.

        16 Speech Pathology Graduate Programs in Florida 


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          Type:  Campus

          Level: Certificate

          University of Central Florida 

          Medical Speech-Language Pathology

          The Graduate Certificate in Medical Speech-Language Pathology is designed for practicing speech-language pathologists

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Central Florida

          Type:  Campus

          • Doctorate
          • Masters

          Nova Southeastern University 

          Speech-Language Pathology

          Nova Southeastern University is the largest independent University in Florida and a leader in distance education.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Nova Southeastern University

          Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          Degrees Overseas 

          Health Sciences

          Study health sciences in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Degrees Overseas

          Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          East Carolina University 

          Communication Sciences & Disorders

          MS degree in CSD (speech-language pathology or communication sciences) is available through Distance Education or on-campus.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: East Carolina University

          Type:  Online

          • Certificate
          • Masters

          California State University Northridge 

          M.S. Communication Disorders and Sciences

          Get Started on Your Career Helping Those with Communication Disorders. We’ll Show You How.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: California State University Northridge

          Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          University of Northern Colorado 

          Speech Language Pathology

          This certifying Master's program is fully accredited and provides excellent academic, research, and clinical preparation.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Northern Colorado

          Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          University of South Florida 

          Speech-Language Pathology

          SLP students will have opportunities to gain clinical experiences within the University's Speech-Language-Hearing Center as w...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of South Florida

          Type:  Campus

          • Doctorate
          • Masters

          Florida State University 

          Communication Sciences and Disorders

          The Florida State University speech-language pathology educational program is accredited by the Council on Academic Accredita...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Florida State University

          Type:  Campus

          • Doctorate
          • Masters

          University of Florida 

          Speech-Language Pathology, Audiology

          ASHA-accredited graduate programs in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology prepare students to be lifelong learners/practit...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Florida

          Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          Pensacola Christian College 

          Speech Education

          This program is designed to provide the speech educator with advanced training in education as well as improved personal perf...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Pensacola Christian College