Careers in Social Work

Discover a career in social work and explore MSW programs! MSW programs or master’s in social work, are gaining in popularity. There are many different industries in which social workers can be employed. Typically, some of the high employment industries for social workers are the local, state and federal government, family services and hospitals. While the social work job description varies depending on the industry, many social workers choose the field due to a desire to help others. If you are interested in becoming social worker, view admission tips and learn about applying for a social work degree.

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Infographic on Careers in Social Work

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Careers in Social Work

Are you committed to empowering and helping others improve their lives – but still want to earn a decent salary? The top paying states for social workers according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics are Rhode Island, Maryland, South Dakota, Minnesota and Nevada. While there is an abundance of online social work degree programs, state licensure requirements are also an important consideration when choosing between a campus or online program. A career in social work can be a rewarding and engaging field.

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