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          These results contain 63 campus & online accredited graduate degree programs & graduate schools in the field of physical & earth sciences, subject of atmospheric sciences, specialty of meteorology at the certificate & doctorate & masters levels in all locations from all types of institutions.

          Meteorology Graduate Programs

          Meteorology graduate programs teach students to understand and interpret the complex relationships between weather, climate, and atmosphere. Meteorology graduate students learn to use sophisticated scientific equipment to analyze atmospheric phenomena. Students can earn a M.S. or Ph.D. in meteorology. Graduate programs in meteorology can prepare students for careers in the field of broadcast meteorology, forensic meteorology, research meteorology, or weather forecasting. Many fields of meteorology require a graduate degree.

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          • Type:  Campus

            Level: Masters

            Millersville University 

            Integrated Scientific Applications

            The MSISA is an applied, interdisciplinary program, intended as an alternative to traditional master's programs in science.

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: Millersville University

            Build an education around the skills employers need. 

            Over 33 years of experience helping working adults achieve their goalsFlexibility to earn your degree – even with family obli...


            Type:  Campus

            Level: Doctorate
             Rapid City,SD

            South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology 

            Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences

            Program in atmospheric sciences, biogeochemistry, geology, and hydrology addresses issues that are globally significant.

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: South Dakota School Of Mines And Technology

            Type:  Campus

            Level: Masters

            Florida Institute Of Technology 


            The program is focused on understanding Earth’s gaseous envelope, predicting its evolution and mitigating human impacts.

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: Florida Institute Of Technology

            Type:  Campus

            Level: Masters
             Johnson City,TN

            East Tennessee State University 

            Master of Science in Geosciences

            Designed to provide a broad and detailed education in the area of geospatial analysis and paleontology

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: East Tennessee State University

            Type:  Campus

            Level: Masters

            Plymouth State University 

            Master of Science in Applied Meteorology

            The only program of its kind in New Hampshire, this program will prepare you for a number of weather-related, respected caree...

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: Plymouth State University

            Type:  Campus

            Level: Doctorate

            The Cyprus Institute 

            Environmental and Atmospheric Sciences - EAS

            The program educates students on significant issues in environmental and atmospheric sciences regarding global changes.

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: The Cyprus Institute

            Type:  Online

            Level: Masters

            Mississippi State University 

            Teachers in Geosciences Program

            A 36 hour program with a variety of geography, geology, and meteorology courses, all online except the 8-10 day capstone.

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: Mississippi State University

            Type:  Campus

            Level: Masters

            Ball State University 


            Specialized Master's program focused on geographic information science and/or atmospheric science (meteorology and climatolog...

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: Ball State University

            Type:  Campus

            • Doctorate
            • Masters

            Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) 

            MSc in Atmospheric and Climate Science

            MSc program offered by world-leading institutes in the field of atmospheric physics and dynamics, and climate change research...

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH)

            Type:  Campus

            Level: Masters

            University of Northern Colorado 

            Earth Sciences

            Program investigates the earth as a system through integration of studies in geology, meteorology, astronomy, & oceanograph...

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Northern Colorado

            Type:  Campus

            • Doctorate
            • Masters
             Saint Louis,MO

            Saint Louis University 

            Earth and Atmospheric Sciences - Meteorology

            In the Meteorology program at Saint Louis University we educate students for careers in industry, federal agencies and for re...

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: Saint Louis University

            Type:  Campus

            Level: Masters
             San Jose,CA

            San Jose State University 


            The Department of Meteorology is the only one of its kind in the CSU system.

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: San Jose State University

            Type:  Campus

            • Certificate
            • Doctorate
            • Masters
             College Park,MD

            University of Maryland College Park 


            Offering graduate degrees in Atmospheric and Oceanic Science. Campus near Washington, DC.

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Maryland College Park

            Type:  Campus

            • Doctorate
            • Masters

            Georgia Institute Of Technology 

            Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

            The School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences (EAS) offers graduate programs in the geosciences leading to the degrees Master ...

            • More Matching Programs Offered By: Georgia Institute Of Technology

            Type:  Campus

            • Doctorate
            • Masters
             Leeds,West Yorkshire

            University of Leeds 

            Climate and Atmospheric Science


            Leeds,GB Learn More
            Leeds,United Kingdom Learn More

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            • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Leeds