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          These results contain 54 campus & hybrid & online accredited graduate degree programs & graduate schools in the field of social & behavioral sciences, subject of holistic psychology at the certificate & doctorate & masters levels in all locations from all types of institutions.

          Holistic Psychology Graduate Programs

          Holistic Psychology Graduate Programs

          Holistic psychology is a relatively new field of study. It is an approach to clinical psychology based on a new age concept of human nature. Amongst other things, it encourages therapists to study themselves as well as their patients and embraces a view of the person as a blend of body, mind, and spirit. Many practitioners of holistic psychology draw on eastern philosophy, teaching such things as mindfulness and meditation.

          Graduate programs in holistic psychology are not as abundant as other branches of psychology, in part because the movement is still emerging and in part because it breaks away philosophically from more traditional disciplines of the field. Those that do exist are usually at the master’s level, which reflects both the relatively minor role of research and the importance of personalized therapy for holistic practitioners. Students in these programs may take courses such as Paradigms of Consciousness; Body-Oriented Psychotherapies; Therapeutic Communication; Healing Methods; and Diagnosis, Assessment and Therapeutic Strategy.