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            These results contain 5 in the field of social & behavioral sciences, subject of cognitive/experimental psychology, specialty of experimental psychology at the doctorate & masters levels the region of Rocky Mountains from all types of institutions.

            5 Experimental Psychology Graduate Programs in Rocky Mountains

            Experimental psychology refers to the process of using human or animal subjects in scientific experiments to further psychological knowledge. Experimental psychology is used across various applications of psychology and addresses topics such as memory, cognition, emotion, and learning. Experimental psychologists utilize a variety of laboratory instruments and work in a wide range of professional settings. Both campus programs and online experimental psychology graduate programs exist.

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              Study Online At Walden University 

              As a leader in online education, Walden University offers Doctoral, Master's and Bachelor's programs.Study online at Walden U...


              Build an education around the skills employers need. 

              Over 33 years of experience helping working adults achieve their goalsFlexibility to earn your degree – even with family obli...


              Type:  Campus

              Level: Masters

              Degrees Overseas 

              Graduate Programs

              Earn your degree in Australia, New Zealand, or the U.K. and gain credentials which set you apart in today's global market.

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              Type:  Campus

              Level: Masters
               Colorado Springs,CO

              University of Colorado Colorado Springs 


              The Department of Psychology offers a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology (MA) Options: Clinical & Experimental.

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              Type:  Campus

              Level: Doctorate

              University of Wyoming 

              Ph.D. Programs in Psychology

              Clinical doctoral program is APA-approved, 4 years plus internship, scientist-practioner model; Experimental (including Socia...

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              Type:  Campus

              Level: Masters

              Montana State University, Bozeman 

              Psychology (Psychological Science)

              Our research-based M.S.

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              Type:  Campus

              Level: Doctorate

              University of Montana 

              Experimental Psychology

              Specializations in: Developmental; Learning/Comparative. Minor specialization/research opportunities

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