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        These results contain 233 campus & hybrid & online accredited graduate degree programs & graduate schools in the field of social & behavioral sciences, subject of economics disciplines, specialty of economic development at the certificate & doctorate & masters levels in all locations from all types of institutions.

        Economic Development Graduate Programs 

        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          Clark University 

          Community Development and Planning

          Students learn alternative ways of thinking and transforming communities to achieve greater equity and social justice.

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        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Doctorate

          Endicott College 

          Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership

          Endicott is the first college on Boston’s North Shore to be authorized to award a doctoral degree. With endorsement by the

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Endicott College
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           King of Prussia,PA

          Eastern University 

          MDiv/MBA in Economic Development

          This distinctive M.Div/MBA dual degree program represents the Seminary's longstanding commitment to holistic ministry, minist...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Eastern University
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           New York,NY

          New School, The 

          International Affairs

          The New School offers a hands-on, problem-solving, practice-oriented graduate program combining analysis of the changing

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: New School, The
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          University of Sheffield 

          MSc Economics

          Established more than 100 years ago, the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield is a thriving community of st...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Sheffield
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           San Francisco,CA

          University of San Francisco 


          The Master's in Economics provides a rigorous program in financial economics and international economics.

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of San Francisco
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          University of Idaho 

          Applied Economics

          A Master of Science degree in Applied Economics will prepare you to use economic and business concepts along with analytical

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Idaho
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          Monterey Institute of International Studies 

          International Policy Studies

          The competitive edge that we offer is derived from our legacy of excellence in cross-cultural and cross-border learning.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Monterey Institute of International Studies

          The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division 

          You have the creativity, the talent, and the passion. All you need is a place to start.Busy adults seeking to put their creat...

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          Committed to the success of business professionals. 

          Accredited degrees from the nation’s largest universityFlexible ways to learn — either online or on-campusFaculty who bring r...

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          Argosy University - Online Business Program 

          Argosy University offers online business degree programs that are designed to provide students with practical training and pe...

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        • Type:  Campus

          • Certificate
          • Doctorate
          • Masters

          University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 

          Urban Studies

          The Urban Studies Programs provide students with a broad understanding of urban society and trains them in research technique...

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           Sydney,New South Wales

          University of New South Wales 

          Master of Economics

          Acquire advanced knowledge in economics from one of the world’s leading economic schools.

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of New South Wales
        • Type:  Online

          Level: Certificate

          Pennsylvania State University 

          Community and Economic Development(Graduate Certificate)

          Enrolling in the online certificate program allows you to earn a graduate certificate without having to relocate to Penn Stat...

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Pennsylvania State University
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Doctorate

          IMT Institute for Advanced Studies 


          2014/15 PhD program in Economics at IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: IMT Institute for Advanced Studies

          Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          Regent's University London 

          MA International Business

          This MA examines and prepares you for complexities, processes and key contemporary issues in the international business arena...

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          London,United Kingdom Learn More

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Regent's University London

          Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           Edinburgh,City of Edinburgh

          University of Edinburgh 

          MSc Africa & International Development

          This programme will enable you to make a real difference in the design and implementation of development policies and project...

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of Edinburgh

          Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          George Washington University,The 

          International Development Studies

          Trains the next generation of development practitioners with the latest research, best practices, and experiential learning.

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: George Washington University,The