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        These results contain 152 campus & hybrid & online accredited graduate degree programs & graduate schools in the field of social & behavioral sciences, subject of community psychology at the certificate & doctorate & masters levels in all locations from all types of institutions.

        Community Psychology Graduate Programs 

        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           West Haven,CT

          University of New Haven 

          M.A. Community Psychology

          An applied psychology program for developing initiatives to support psychological challenges impacting groups of people.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of New Haven
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           Culver City,CA

          Antioch University 

          Master of Arts in Psychology (Non-Clinical)

          Students in the MA in Psychology with an Individualized Concentration program explore their personal and professional interes...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Antioch University
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           St. Paul,MN

          Metropolitan State University 

          Psychology (M.A.)

          Focuses on Community Psychology to promote psychological empowerment and social change, leading to a variety of career option...

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Metropolitan State University
        • Type:  Online

          Level: Certificate

          Loyola University Chicago 

          Advanced School Mental Health Certificate

          As a ASMHPP student you will learn to help School Based Mental Health Practitioners (SBMHP) further assist student clients.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Loyola University Chicago
        • Type:  Campus

          • Certificate
          • Masters
           Los Angeles,CA

          Mount St. Mary's College 


          The Marriage & Family Therapy program is 60 units and prepares you for licensure in California as a Marriage & Family Therapi...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Mount St. Mary's College
        • Type:  Campus

          • Doctorate
          • Masters
           New York,NY

          New School, The 


          The Sociology department builds on its historical connections to European social science and their development in an...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: New School, The
        • Type:  Hybrid

          Level: Masters

          Antioch University New England 

          MA in Marriage and Family Therapy

          This COAMFTE accredited MFT program explores systemic, feminist, and postmodern theories for application in clinical settings...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Antioch University New England
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          Pratt Institute 

          Dance & Movement Therapy

          The program provides a synthesis of creative, aesthetic, and psychotherapeutic theory.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Pratt Institute
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters

          Philadelphia University 

          Community and Trauma Counseling

          At PhilaU, our faculty of fully-engaged, practicing professionals brings contemporary concepts and practices into the classro...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Philadelphia University
        • Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          Indiana University Of Pennsylvania 

          Adult and Community Education

          Program planning, training and development, teaching adults, leadership, organizational dynamics, and community education.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Indiana University Of Pennsylvania
        • Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          Sacred Heart University 

          Master of Science in Applied Psychology - Community Psychology

          Learn to use your understanding of human behavior to solve real-world problems in business and community settings with

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Sacred Heart University
        • Type:  Hybrid

          Level: Masters
           St. Davids,PA

          Eastern University 

          MA in Counseling: Concentration in Trauma Studies

          School and clinical setting. Practioner-focused training. Hybrid delivery model.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Eastern University

          Prepare for the growing opportunities within health care. 

          Health Administration degree programs for all stages of your careerResearch-based curriculum that addresses current health ca...

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        • Type:  Campus

          • Certificate
          • Masters

          University of East London 

          MSc Clinical & Community Psychology

          The programme provides theoretical & technical knowledge and skills in the main applications of clinical & community psycholo...

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: University of East London
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Certificate

          Fairleigh Dickinson University 

          Organizational Leadership Certificate

          The certificate program in organizational leadership emphasizes the development of practical leadership skills.

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Fairleigh Dickinson University
        • Type:  Campus

          Level: Masters
           New Britain,CT

          Central Connecticut State University 

          Psychology M.A.

          The Department of Psychology offers the Master of Arts in General Psychology...

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Central Connecticut State University