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        These results contain 9 in the field of social & behavioral sciences, subject of counseling psychology, specialty of art therapy at the certificate & doctorate & masters levels in the state of Alabama from all types of institutions.

        9 Art Therapy Graduate Programs in Alabama 


          Build an education around the skills employers need. 

          Over 33 years of experience helping working adults achieve their goalsFlexibility to earn your degree – even with family obli...

        • Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          Saint Mary-of the-Woods College 

          Art Therapy

          * Distance with limited time on campus* Clinical experiences near student * AATA EPAB approval

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Saint Mary-of the-Woods College

          Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          Colorado State University 

          Music Therapy

          In this MM in Music Therapy students gain knowledge in neurological sciences, music, research, and evidence-based practice.

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Colorado State University

          Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          Georgia College And State University 

          Music Therapy

          This asynchronous Master of Music Therapy Program is designed for Music Therapists wanting to increase scholarly and clinical...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Georgia College And State University

          Type:  Online

          Level: Masters

          Prescott College 

          Expressive Arts Therapy

          This degree is designed for the student who wishes to become an expressive art therapist with a solid foundation in expressiv...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Prescott College

          Type:  Online

          • Certificate
          • Doctorate
          • Masters

          Institute of Global Education 

          Educating and Counseling and Healing With Nature

          Green your education and profession. ...Google: Project NatureConnect.... Learn, online, the funded sensory science of thinki...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Institute of Global Education

          Type:  Online

          • Certificate
          • Doctorate
          • Masters

          Warnborough College 

          Cultural Art History

          The Cultural Art History programmes are designed for students who intend to develop professional careers in cultural art hist...

          Canterbury,GB Learn More
          Canterbury,United Kingdom Learn More

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          • More Matching Programs Offered By: Warnborough College

          Type:  Online

          • Doctorate
          • Masters

          International University Of Professional Studies 

          Expressive Arts Therapy

          Our Expressive Arts Therapy program involves the systematic use of the expressive arts (art, dance, music, poetry, movement, ...

          • More Matching Programs Offered By: International University Of Professional Studies