Graduate Schools

Forensic Accounting Curriculum

Learn more about the curriculum of a forensic accounting graduate program.

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Marine Biology Curriculum

Students enrolled in marine biology graduate programs study marine plants and animals, with an interest in the management and protection of marine life. Marine biology is a branch of marine science.

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General Psychology Curriculum

General psychology graduate programs are great for students who wish to help people and contribute to the science. There are a myriad of concentrations from which to choose within this broad field, as well as numerous career possibilities.

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Philosophy Curriculum

Graduate programs in philosophy can focus on metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, politics and aesthetics, and students will explore concepts such as reality, love and nature. Students learn to look at these concepts with a logical eye.

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Government Curriculum

Policies and laws change with the times, all the time, and students pursuing a masters or PhD degree in government will study the history and evolution of governments from past and present, in preparation for a solid job in the future.

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