Graduate Schools

Forensic Accounting Curriculum

Learn more about the curriculum of a forensic accounting graduate program.

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Marine Biology Curriculum

Students enrolled in marine biology graduate programs study marine plants and animals, with an interest in the management and protection of marine life. Marine biology is a branch of marine science.

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Environmental Policy Curriculum

Graduate programs in environmental policy are interdisciplinary, blending such study fields as law, the social sciences, ecology, engineering, management and economics.

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Peace Studies Curriculum

There is perhaps no greater yearning in the human heart than the quest for peace. Peace allows for the development of nations, the flourishing of communities and the actualization of individual dreams. Without peace, there is no future.

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Linguistics Curriculum

Linguistics is the scientific study of language and its structure, and focuses on the discovery of the universal aspects of languages. The field can be exciting and invigorating, as it is a branch of social science.

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